A DUB strain

A dub is an example of current chemovar farming in the marijuana business that has led in strains that are genetically tailored for certain applications.

The A dub strain is an example of this, with high quantities of THC and powerful effects. In 2014, High Times named the strain the “second strongest” strain available.

It’s no surprise that this happened and hasn’t happened before, given it’s a cross of three extremely popular strains. This sour green THC bomb is adored by veterans because to some brilliant botany and gardening.


Read our in-depth analysis of one of the most potent strains on the market right now.

History of the Strain


The genetics of A dub are evident what make this strain so popular and powerful. The strains are a blend of its direct parent traits as well as an amalgamation of all the strains’ ancestors who share comparable and desirable characteristics.

The parents are most likely Sour Double and AlienDawg, however Sour Double is already a hybrid between Sour Bubble and Sour Diesel, and AlienDawg is a cross between ChemDawg and Alien Tech.

So you’re in for a world of fun with this THC orgy’s love child, A Dub. It’s no surprise that this strain is so powerful and popular given its lineage.


The strain was created in California, the only area where a strain this famous could be created.

It’s difficult to gather information on the original stoned brain that created this incredible chemovar, or to comprehend the tale that gave this strain life, but we may make some reasonable hypotheses.

As previously said, this strain is a cross between some of the most powerful, popular, and genetically perfected strains in current cannabis farming. So it’s not surprising that someone sought to mix them all.

The goal of current cannabis growing is frequently to maximise THC concentration, which may lead to a bit of an arms race among farmers.

On the other hand, marijuana might have been developed for its power to assist the strain’s therapeutic advantages stack up; the THC level is attractive to individuals who suffer from chronic pain and want some green respite.

The name is most likely derived from a slang phrase for a bag of marijuana.

The name derives from a slang expression meaning at least twenty-inch rims, while in pot slang terminology, a ‘dub’ refers to the bag of dope your dealer gives you back when cannabis was illegal.

A ‘dub’ is typically one gramme in weight, hence the strain name might be alluding to the fact that you only need ‘A dub’ to get high from this strain.

Appearance of the Strain

Consider Sour Diesel on steroids. The greens are greener and more acidic, and the golden hairs are abundant, providing insight into the intensity of the THC concentration.

As an indica dominating variety, they exhibit all of the typical characteristics, such as huge dense buds and dark foliage. The bud is coated in fluffy THC crystals, which is another indication of the bud’s THC purity.

Flavor Strain

What can you expect from a kush heavy strain? Pure diesel taste. The flavour is comparable to that of Sour Diesel, but with a more intricate network of sweet fruit and earthy diesel.

It tastes earthy and diesley, with citrus undertones on the exhale. Surprisingly, these earthy and kushy flavours combine together to provide a rather pleasant smoke, according to most user evaluations.

People frequently associate high THC concentration with a harsh smoke, but A dub is a strain that defies this stereotype.

Aroma of Strain

Like many indicas, the strain has an intriguing floral aroma that is accentuated by the woodsy and earthy kush scents, imagine lime and piney scents.

It smells nice, but anticipate the odour to multiply after the flower’s cells have been squished about. We wouldn’t advocate taking this into a non-cannabis-friendly public location.

Cannabinoids of various strains

According to most accounts, the strain is an 80/20 Indica/Sativa hybrid, therefore the effects are an Indica haze with a Sativa high to protect you from being absorbed into the couch.

The strain finished second in the High Times 2014 ‘Strongest Strain on Earth’ competition, so you know it’s strong stuff.

THC testing show that the strain can contain anywhere from 25 percent THC, which is already incredibly high, to up to 35 percent THC, which is insane.

THC concentration is typically affected by the drying and curing process, when the plant is harvested, and the growth circumstances.

Terpenes in Strain

Terpene reports vary according on growth circumstances, however Myrcene is the most commonly reported dominating terpene, while the A dub strain also has significant levels of Alpha-pinene.

Both of these terpenes contribute to the fragrance, taste, and possible medicinal benefits of the strain.

Myrcene is present in other plants including as lemongrass and thyme, and it is responsible for the strain’s earthy, peppery fragrances, which are frequent in Indica dominant hybrids.

Side Effects of A DUB

Not to sound like a broken record, but you could be if you smoke this strain, which is really potent. It didn’t come in second place in ‘Strongest stain on Earth’ for nothing.

This strain is regarded one of the strongest strains available, therefore it’s a bold way to begin your cannabis smoking journey.

We would not advocate this to newbie smokers at all. If you run into any A dub and want to smoke it but are a novice, we propose splitting a joint with a few buddies to spread the dose out.

In the worst-case scenario, the strain might trigger paranoia or anxiety attacks; in the best-case scenario, you might just fall asleep.

Expect the normal adverse effects of smoking, such as dry mouth, dry eyes, and disorientation.

Medical Advantages

However, the strain’s vigour is also what gives it possible medical advantages. If you suffer from persistent discomfort, this strain might considerably relieve it; even experienced smokers will feel numb from this intense strain.

The strain’s euphoric and mind-altering effects may also help to alleviate the severe symptoms of anxiety and sadness. Some ADHD and ADD patients claim that the stress helps them stay focused and puts a damper on impulses and cravings.

A joint of this before night will have the lights out by 10 p.m., the sedative level is through the ceiling, and the body buzz is wonderfully numbing.

Information on Strain Growth

Surprisingly, if you get your hands on some seeds, this strain is quite simple to nurture. The strain thrives in a Mediterranean climate that is warm but dry in terms of humidity.

Because the indica strain will be big and bushy, regular trimming of the top leaves will be beneficial for production.

Cultivation of this strain might yield in a long-lasting harvest; because it’s difficult to smoke your way through a crop, one harvest could last a long time.


A dub seeds are normally feminised, however owing to the strain’s popularity, they might be difficult to locate online.

If you have a solid relationship with a headshop or grower, you may be able to obtain cuttings for propagation or seeds for free.

Flowering Period

Flowering period is fairly early when cultivated indoors, and should occur about 8 – 9 weeks in. If grown outdoors, the plant should yield buds by mid-October if planted seasonally.

Yield of Strain

When cultivated indoors, you may expect 12-14 ounces per square metre. Outdoors, the plant may produce up to 14 ounces per plant. The methods of sea of green and screen of green are all ideal for getting the highest yield from A dub.

A DUB Strain Review

What is there not to like about A dub? According to High Times, the strain is one of the strongest on the planet, but as current genetic modification grows in modern cannabis botany circles, it will undoubtedly be surpassed.

If you enjoy Sour Diesel, as a lot of people do, this is a perfect move up since it is comparable to Sour Diesel but just a little more potent.

What we like about A dub is that, although being extremely powerful and diesel, it isn’t too harsh and has some sweet fruit and honey notes in select well-grown harvests, which is uncommon in most high THC strains that taste like fuel.

This is more for the cannabis enthusiast and veteran than for the novice. Consider this the ultimate Indica boss since, as the name implies, you will only need a dub to get high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a dub strain?

A-Dub is claimed to be a powerful strain with the famed genetics of Sour Double, a hybrid between Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble, and Alien Dawg, a cross between Alien Technology and Chemdawg. A-Dub features pale green buds coated with characteristic red-orange hairs and glittering trichomes, according to various internet sources.

Is Sour Dub an indica or a sativa strain?

It is a 60/40 sativa/indica strain that is sometimes referred to as “Sour Dubs.” It is a predominantly sativa-dominant cannabis type. It was made by mixing East Coast Sour Diesel with Sour Bubble.

What exactly is a double sour?

Sour Dubb, also called as “Sour Dubble,” “Sour Dubb Dawg,” and “Sour Double,” is a hybrid marijuana strain with an unknown history. Sour Dubble is a combination between East Coast Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble.

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