Alien Rift Strain

Alien Rift is an Indica-dominant strain bred from the genetics of alien dawg, alien abduction, and alien OG. As a result, the strength of alien rift is around 20 – 24 percent THC and 0% CBD.

A large portion of its THC content may be derived from its first parent, extraterrestrial abduction. This Indica dominating strain has an extremely high THC content of 29 percent and only 1 percent CBD.

The alien dawg parent strain comes next, with origins in both Northern California and Afghanistan.

Alien Rift Strain

This strain includes a pretty standard level of THC (20%) but supposedly contains no CBD, which is quite unusual. It is mostly Indica, like the previous strain.

Alien OG is the last parent in this mix. This is another highly strong strain, with a THC content of 28% and no CBD, albeit this strain is Sativa rather than Indica.

This strain is from California and has a lengthy genetic history, making it one of the greatest strains for a psychedelic high.


Alien Rift was developed by the well-known Ocean Grown Seeds, who specialise in “top-shelf” strains and are constantly striving to enhance their designs. Alien rift was created to be a better strain than their first alien abduction strain.

Appearance of Strain

Alien Rift has a distinct look when compared to other strains, which was deliberate on the part of Ocean Grown Seeds. This breed is marked by tiny to medium-sized flowers in a variety of shapes ranging from cones to practically spherical.

The mossy green leaves attach to one other in the tight, Indica bud structure, making this strain highly sticky. All around the blossom, there are lavender and deep purple flashes.

The colour of this strain will vary depending on the temperature of the environment in which it is grown. Colder than usual temperatures cause anthocyanin pigments in the plant’s DNA to be disrupted, resulting in brilliant hues.

This is comparable to how decreasing chlorophyll levels generate red and yellow leaves in the autumn. These colourful leaves’ pistils are scorched orange and weave their way through them.

Flavor of Strain

The funny thing about this stain is that it has no distinct flavour.

While some individuals say it tastes earthy, like chemicals, or even like citrus, these flavours are so subtle that many people miss them.

If you do taste something, it will most likely be on the exhale instead of the inhale, since individuals frequently remark that the inhale merely tastes smooth and clean.

Aroma of Strain

Unlike the flavour, alien rift has a distinct fragrance. A chemical odour, similar to that of cleaning products or fuel, may be detected.

When the buds are broken up or ground, the fragrance changes with that of incense, which is mirrored in the citrus-like flavours that some individuals perceive.

The most overpowering scent, on the other hand, will be the usual earthy aroma prevalent in many cannabis strains. This characteristic pungy stench will permeate the room, so make sure you’re not smoking it in places where you shouldn’t be.

Cannabinoids of the strains

The alien rift strain has a number of cannabinoids. These are only typical quantities since the amount fluctuates based on where you get this strain and how it is crown/cultivated.

THC content ranges between 23 and 25.2 percent.

CBD concentrations range from 0.24 to 0.56 percent.
0.32 – 0.9 percent CBC
0.28 – 0.74 percent CBG
0.06 – 0.23 percent CBN
0.22 – 0.82 percent THCV

Terpenes in Strain

While there are several terpenes in this strain, three stand out. The first is Myrcene, which is present in almost all cannabis strains.

It is well-known for its soothing and relaxing properties, as well as its herbal or spicy flavour. It is also known to have certain medicinal advantages, such as acting as a mild sedative and having anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties.

Carene is the second most common terpene. This terpene has a perfume comparable to musk and pine, but it can also have a citrus-like aroma, similar to that of a lemon.

It, like Myrcene, is said to have some medicinal benefits as an anti-inflammatory and might have some helpful effects on the neurological system.

However, it is known to somewhat dry out the body, which means that cannabis containing this terpene is more likely to induce dry mouth.

Limonene is the last most common terpene. This one is well-known for its mood-boosting and anti-stress properties. If a strain includes a high concentration of this, it will give you a high-energy high that may also make you more creative.

It offers various medicinal advantages, as do the other terpenes on this list, and is extensively employed in the medical marijuana market.

It is effective in treating individuals suffering from mental diseases such as anxiety and depression, as well as being a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. It can even benefit those suffering from some types of cancer.

Side Effects of Strain

Alien rift, like many strains, has both positive and negative side effects when smoked. The most pleasant impact observed is a sensation of euphoria along with a sense of relaxation and serenity.

People frequently feel incredibly drowsy a few hours after smoking this strain, which is beneficial if you have trouble falling and staying asleep.

Another bad side effect is appetite, which can be beneficial or detrimental depending on what you hope to achieve from this strain.

The biggest negative side effect of alien rift is an often overpowering thirst caused by the dry mouth. This is attributed to the presence of the Carene terpene in the strain.

Some people get headaches as a result of the acute dehydration caused by this strain. If you intend to smoke this strain, have some water around at all times.

Medical Advantages

Although this strain cannot be used to cure any ailments, it may help with the symptoms of mental problems including anxiety, sadness, PTSD, and ADHD.

This is due to the strain’s euphoric effects, which can alleviate tension and cause the mind to rest. It can also help persons with ADHD focus their minds on a single task.

Alien rift may also be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of chronic pain, as well as those suffering from general aches and pains.

This is due to the calming effects of this strain, and also the anti-inflammatory characteristics of the terpenes on the body.

Information on Growing a Strain

Seeds of a Strain

Alien rift seeds may be purchased from practically any internet seed provider, including Ocean Grown Seeds. Depending on what is available, you may also be able to acquire them from cannabis shops.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Depending on the growth circumstances, this strain will blossom in 53-63 days. After around 72 days, you will be able to harvest it.

Yield of Strain

The amount of cannabis you can obtain from a single plant can vary depending on where you cultivate it. If you cultivate this strain outdoors, you may expect a yield of 10 – 15 oz/plant (400 g/plant). If you cultivate this plant indoors, you will obtain a lower yield of 0.5 – 1 Oz/Ft2 (300 g/m2).

Review of the Strain

Alien rift offers a modest high at first, and its full effects may take multiple bowls or tokes to feel.

Initially, smokers may have heightened perceptions, with sounds, sights,  and even tastes being brighter and louder. Users may notice that their concentration is more concentrated and purposeful as their brain reacts to the effects of cannabis.

This rational (but not excessively intellectual) approach is beneficial for chores like going over a task list list or cleaning the house, and it may also lead to enhanced sociability.

The Indica power of Alien Rift is instantly apparent as a tingling feeling runs down the spine, into the centre, and into the limbs. If you have any aches and pains, you will notice them disappearing around this time when your muscles relax and you feel more calm.

Still, as long as you don’t smoke excessively, you should be able to stay active and prevent couch-lock.

However, you will eventually feel so relaxed that you will need to sit or lie down. This is why this strain is best taken in the evening, since it might help you sleep.

You may note that the dry mouth side effect develops nearly immediately after smoking this, so have some liquids handy to avoid having a headache from dehydration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the alien rift strain?

Alien Rift is a potent indica strain that exhibits the evolution of current genetics. By backcrossing an Alien Abduction genotype with Alien Dawg and Alien OG plants, prolific breeders Ocean Grown Seeds have created Alien Rift, an improved version of their hallmark Alien Abduction strain.

Is the extraterrestrial ET indica or sativa?

Alien ET grows into typical indica plants: short, robust shrubs with large fan leaves. Alien ET, a nice strain for beginning growers, may require frequent pruning to for adequate air circulation and light penetration.

Is alien goo on the top shelf?

Alien OG is a hybrid between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush that was first accessible as a clone in California’s Bay Area and is now available in seed form through Cali Connection. This indica-dominant hybrid has tested as high as 28 percent THC, making it one of the most powerful strains available today.

Is alien og helpful for anxiety?

Its hybrid nature makes it useful in treating both mental and physical ailments. Alien OG’s high, with its first euphoric onset, can assist ease anxiety, despair, and persistent stress.

Is extraterrestrial OG powerful?

Alien OG is a 50/50 hybrid that provides consumers with a powerful but refreshing high.

What does alien have in common with?

Alien OG, usually spelled “Alien OG Kush,” is a mix between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush.

What exactly is extraterrestrial Kush?

Alien Kush is a strong hybrid of LVPK and Alien Dawg that originated in California rather than outer space. It may make you feel a little spacey, though, because this strain hits the brain first, producing energetic, occasionally psychedelic effects.

What kind of strain is alien dream?

Alien Dream is an indica-dominant cross between Alien Bubba and Blue Dream, two strains known for transporting consumers to distant realms.

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