Aloha Strain

Aloha is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that leaves you feeling bright and energetic and is supposed to give migraine relief. The Aloha strain boasts big, almost fluffy blossoms that are adorned with dazzling crystals and wispy white hairs.

If you get a sniff of this strain, you’ll be transported to Hawaii, or at the very least want to go on vacation there! The citrusy, grassy aroma shouts tropics.

The intense sativa effects may be too much for certain users, especially those who are not used to a lot of THC. If you’re seeking a light buzz, you should probably search elsewhere.

Aloha Strain

We’ll explore at the Aloha strain in more detail below, including how it smells and tastes, its medicinal advantages and negative effects, and how you can get a little Hawaii to you by growing this strain yourself.

History of the Strain


Due to the breeders’ discretion, it’s difficult to discover info on the genetics of this delectable strain that provides you a lot of energy.

Nevertheless, it is considered to be descended from sativa landrace strains, which are tenacious cannabis plants native to Hawaii (of course).

This strain is known for keeping you awake and your mind racing. With just one hit of this strain, you’ll feel a surge of adrenaline surging through you, and its delicious tropical flavour is tempting!


The origins of this strain are unknown, however as the name suggests, it is thought to have originated in Hawaii. We do know, however, that it is a 100 percent pure sativa strain.

Appearance of Strain

The Aloha strain is a distinctive plant with blooms that are neither too large nor too little; they are just perfect! It appears to be a large blob. But don’t be turned off by this description.

Aloha is a beautiful thing! It’s densely packed in the centre, yet with airy leaves that unroll from the edges. It is also a vibrant yellowish green.

The hue, coupled with the sparkling crystals and white wispy hair, create this a striking strain that resembles a mystical, shining rock.

Another distinguishing trait of the Aloha bud is its vivid and distinctive red pistils, which stand out against the plant’s brilliant green hue. The covering of thin, cloud-like white trichomes accumulates on the plant like snow, but they can be quite sticky!

Flavor Strain

Aloha is a sweet bud with citrus and tropical aromas. It’s a true Hawaiian blossom! Aloha burns really smoothly and easily with a joint or a pipe. The sweetness of this bud is intoxicating, and the exhale is beautifully zesty.

Aroma Strain

When Aloha is properly cured, it has a strong, citrusy aroma that is decidedly sweet rather than acidic, tart, or sour. It has a distinct Hawaiian scent, with undertones of that famous Hawaiian fruit, pineapple, and even grapefruit.

However, it is only until you take off the rustic blooms of the Aloha strain or crush it up that you will discover its herbal aroma, which may remind you of another strain, Haze.

Cannabinoids of various strains

Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals present in the cannabis plant, the most common of which are cannabidiol (also known as CBD) or THC. Aloha, on the other hand, has a very low CBD level and a THC value of roughly 24%.

While it has a tiny level of CBD (which has been shown to have pain-relieving qualities), Aloha does offer some health advantages.

Terpenes in Strain

The most common terpene discovered in Aloha is caryophyllene, which has a peppery fragrance that makes your nose tingle. Caryophyllene offers strains spicy and diesel scents, as well as a peppery fragrance, giving buds a lot of stink and pungency.

Caryophyllene is not only present in cannabis, but it is also found in strains that assist ease tension and anxiety. It’s also found in cinnamon and cloves.

Other terpenes discovered in Aloha include limonene, which has a citrus scent, and myrcene, which has a herbal scent.

Side Effects of Strain

Because Aloha is such a powerful strain, certain adverse effects are unavoidable, especially for beginner users.

Unlike other pure sativa strains, Aloha will have an immediate effect on you.

You may feel a throbbing around your eyes or temples shortly after relishing the sweet tastes and citrus fragrances. This weird, physical sensation will be complemented by psychological symptoms, intensifying and overlaying what you can hear or see.

Isn’t it strange? Many users experience a sense of time dilation, or a separation between time and place. Simply said, time dilation makes time seem to stand still or move very slowly.

This is understandably unsettling for some, and Aloha may cause intense, persistent thinking, which can be annoying at best and extremely worrisome and disturbing at worst.

While Aloha can help you relax if you’re anxious, if you’re prone to panic episodes, you should avoid it. Aloha is also not suggested for people who have a low THC tolerance.

Medical Advantages

It might be tough to grasp the lucid effects of Aloha, but once you do, you’ll be enjoying a surging head high that can be rather delightful!

Your mind will be filled with ideas and thoughts, and everything and everyone will be a source of inspiration. It may even bring subconscious thoughts to the forefront and give them fresh vitality.

Aloha is an excellent strain to take with company because the intellectual effects will undoubtedly spark discourse.

Its effects are absolutely contagious and will make you more willing to participate in conversation, even with individuals you don’t know well.

These cerebral benefits can also be experienced alone, especially if you need to concentrate on anything. It might help you rid your thoughts of anything that is preventing you from finishing a job and go back to work.

Some customers even say that Aloha’s thought-provoking effects helped them think and come up with inventive solutions to challenges.

However, if you’re not intending on using Aloha during a party or to inspire creativity, it may be used to make home duties like washing dishes or doing laundry more enjoyable!

Aloha is obviously more of a cerebral high than a body high due to its absence of Indica impacts, with limited physical effects. Aloha is also best used in the mornings and afternoons, as it is too energetic and keeps you up at night.

But what about its medicinal implications? Its clear, energetic effects, on the other hand, have a lot to offer medicinal cannabis patients.

Its capacity to keep you sharply focused on a task might surely assist persons with ADD or ADHD concentrate on one job at a time.

Furthermore, the boosting effects might help persons suffering from mild depression or stress. Furthermore, the ocular pressure associated with this strain’s high may help those suffering from glaucoma.

Information on Growing the Strain

Seeds of the Strain

Aloha is a well kept secret, and commercial breeders do not sell the seeds.

As a result, few are available online. Home growers, on the other hand, can get mature plant cuttings that are healthy enough to produce genetically identical ‘clones’ of the strain.

What makes Aloha so enticing to plant is that it can be grown both indoors and outdoors, albeit outdoor growth conditions must be humid. The optimal temperature for growth is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Aloha takes a lengthy time to blossom and can flower between 9 and 12 weeks.

Yield of Strain

Aloha plants are known to grow rather tall. Trim down your harvests sooner rather than later when growing Aloha inside to allow the leave to organically suit indoor surroundings.

Review of the Strain

Aloha is a strain that uplifts you and leaves you feeling energised due to its Sativa impacts. Exactly like a trip to Hawaii!

The buds are puffy, huge, and pouring with crystals, scarlet pistils, and white hair down. Aloha buds contain a strong scent of grass and lemon and are high in THC, with levels exceeding 24 percent.

While Aloha might keep you motivated, engaged, and concentrated, the cerebral high can cause couch-lock, and individuals who experience paranoia or excessive psychoactivity should avoid it.

But Aloha is a perfect partner for a lovely, daytime high whether you’re performing dull chores, working on a task, or just hanging out with pals.

Last Thoughts

Aloha is a terrific afternoon high for any occasion! But, like with most things in life, it’s best enjoyed with friends, so bring plenty to share if you’re bringing it to a party! Aloha will undoubtedly provide a tropical vibe to the celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of strain is Aloha Punch?

Aloha is an unverified landrace cultivar that is supposed to be directly derived from a landrace Hawaiian sativa. The top reported scents of the Aloha strain include citrus, pineapple, and herbs. It is supposed to have an orange and tropical fruit flavour.

What kind of strain is French Aloha?

The French Aloha strain was developed by Paris OG as a cross between the Hawaiian sativa landrace Pakalolo and an unknown second strain. Grass, lemon, and tropical fruit are the most commonly reported scents of the French Aloha strain. It’s supposed to taste like herbs and pineapples.

How does Aloha Express taste?

It is supposed to have an orange and tropical fruit flavour. Aloha is an unverified landrace cultivar that is supposed to be directly derived from a landrace Hawaiian sativa. People say that the Aloha strain smells mostly like citrus, pineapple, and herbs. It is supposed to have an orange and tropical fruit flavour.

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