ATF Strain

The official name of ATF is Alaskan Thunder Fuck (or Alaskan Thunderfuck), but after drag queen Alaska Thunder Fuck 5,000 became so renowned that her namesake began to take a back seat, most people prefer the shorter form.

This quirky yet gorgeous drag queen may be grabbing centre stage in national media, but ATF is still carrying a punch in her hometown.


ATF is well-known for stimulating creative spirits as well as general head highs. They are popular among those who suffer from migraines and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but they are also popular among those who just wish to feel more energised.

History of the ATF Strain

ATF is a famous Sativa strain that is grown in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska.

According to mythology, Northern California Sativa strains spontaneously crossed with Russian Ruderalis, which subsequently crossed with Afghani. The rigorous breeding produced the robust and potent strain we know today.

Of course, legend is one thing, but consider the facts!


Unfortunately, some of the folklore is real. However, it’s impossible to say for sure which Northern Californian Sativa strains were originally included in the strain. We cannot build the plant from scratch since the baseline history is unknown.

Fortunately, flowers and cannabis are hermaphroditic, which means that as long as one plant lives, we can force it to procreate with itself, allowing us to continue breeding Alaskan Thunder Fucks.


ATF was made by crossing a strain from Northern California that no one knew about with Russian Ruderalis. Then, in the 1970s, Afghani was added to the mix. The result was the ATF strain that we know today.

Ruderalis is a wild cannabis strain that has just recently been studied for indoor cultivation. The only way to do this is to combine the pure form with something else.

Ruderalis plants are substantially smaller and stalkier, growing just 1 to 2.5 feet tall. This makes them ideal for small-scale farming.

Despite their low THC content, their autoflowering nature suggests that mating them with other plants might create more strong strains simpler to cultivate.

That is exactly what happened in the 1970s with the Afghani strain. This sweet, earthy, and soothing strain was crossed with a Russian Ruderalis hybrid in an attempt to create a kid strain that was simpler to grow but still as potent as the original Afghan.

However, owing of the Northern California ancestry, an unexpected taste combination occurred!

Appearance of ATF Strain

This looser nug looks nothing like its dominant parent, “Afghani.” Afghani strains are frequently quite dense, with mostly orange hairs and streaks of purple swirling around.

On the other hand, the large, blocky orange hairs of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck make it extremely loose and unwieldy. There isn’t even one purple spiral to be seen.

Flavor of the Strain

Afghan is recognised for its earthy, spicy flavour with a hint of sweetness around the edges. ATF follows in the footsteps of its father, but with some surprising tastes thrown in for good measure.

When it comes to ATF’s flavour profile, you can anticipate earthy and sweet notes with a strong undertone of pine. However, after a couple of hits, you should anticipate a floral, even berry-like flavour to emerge.

Finally, these berry scents are frequently sharp at the end, with a sour lemony bite smoothed over by a skunky or menthol smell.

ATF has so many tastes that you should thoroughly appreciate the buds from start to finish to get the whole experience.

Aroma of ATF Strain

The spicy tastes of Afghan carried heavily into the fragrances, but ATF is mercifully more muted. However, because it is still a strong aroma, we would not smoke it near unfriendly locations or people.

The skunky and earthy fragrances dominate, but after a while, the woody quality of the bud soothes the perfume into a lullaby, which is only awoken by the rapid cuts of citrus.

Cannabinoids of ATF Strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a Savita heavy strain to the point that most people think it has no hybrid origin, although its strongest father is Afghani, a robust Indica strain.

This is why ATF will provide its users with an incredible high that many claim reduces their despair while also relaxing you into comfortable chats with your pals.

With this strain, you will not be in a coach lock, and you will not have burnout. Many people regard ATF to be the perfect combination, which is why its Savita status might be perplexing.

Terpenes in Strain

Myrcene, which has a herbal taste, is the major terpene in ATF. It’s the explanation for the earthy flavours and more relaxed atmosphere.

Caryophyllene and Limonene are two other powerful terpenes. Caryophyllene has a peppery flavour, which is why we get some skunky scents at the conclusion of the toke, whereas the Limonene terpenes have a sweeter but primarily citrus flavour.

Side Effects of ATF Strain

It is always vital to be aware of any adverse effects that may upset or hurt you. You don’t have to be concerned about the Alaskan Thunder Fuck’s bad consequences.

The majority of people who use this bud suffer dry mouth. To prepare for this, keep a couple of bottles of water on hand at all times. Some people complain about their eyes being dry.

We recommend carrying eye moistening sprays with you to aid with this. You may acquire them at your local drugstore or online; either way, they can keep your eyes from drying out.

Dizziness is the final and least prevalent adverse effect of ATF. If you feel dizzy, sit down, take a few deep breaths, and wait for the earth to return to you. Only 7% of individuals have dizziness, so you should be alright.

Medical Advantages of ATF Strain

ATF is quite good in inducing pleasant thoughts, euphoric sensations, and a general energised state. As a result, Alaskan Thunder Fuck is generally renowned for being the top pick of persons suffering from despair.

The overpowering sense of delight, along with an instant surge of energy, means that the gloomy clouds that ordinarily circle your brain will vanish.

This is also why individuals who suffer from anxiety like ATF’s earthy tastes. In contrast to popular belief, the euphoric high that people who are stressed out experience actually helps them focus better on their job, which in turn reduces stress and increases energy.

Information on Growing ATF Strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck should not be cultivated by a complete beginner. Although it is not the most difficult strain to blossom, it does take more effort, devotion, and understanding than the simpler strains that are free of viruses and mildew.

Seeds of Strain

These seeds may be sown in either indoor or outdoor environments. They can withstand colder temperatures than others, but you must still ensure that the cold does not affect the soil pH.

Keeping seedlings in a covered farming station should be no problem due to the plant’s Russian Ruderalis background, which dictates that it will not grow taller than 30 inches.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Growing your seedlings indoors allows you to achieve a higher growth rate. An indoor seedling will blossom and generate useable buds in around 7 to 9 weeks.

When planted outside, the Alaskan Thunder Fuck will only blossom in mid-October. However, this is only true if they have had enough time to mature. Although outside cultivation takes longer, you should expect a higher harvest yield.

Yield of ATF Strain

You should expect a minimal output of 1 ounce per square foot if you grow the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain indoors.

If you grow the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain outside, you may expect a higher output of roughly 3 oz per bloom.

Review of ATF Strain

We recommend Alaskan Thunder Fuck for days when you don’t have any “get up and go.” The high will take a time to crawl through your body, but you’ll soon find yourself moderately disoriented as joyful sensations float through your head.

You’ll sense an invigorated feeling pumping through your body as your happiness grows.

Even though you’ll feel elevated and energetic, the golden haze will keep you from running wild, but it won’t be enough to put you to sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ATF a sativa or an indica strain?


The Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain (also known as ATF or Matanuska Thunder Fuck) is an unique earthy, pungent, sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC level ranging from 16 to 24 percent.

What Are the Most Common “Children” of Alaskan Thunder Fuck?

Chronic Thunder and Chocolate Thunder are the most prevalent AFT children species.

Chronic Thunder was formed by crossing AFT and Chronic, which resulted in a diesel-like hot taste that leaves you drowsy.

Chocolate Thunder, on the other hand, was combined with Chocolope to produce a strain ideal for individuals in need of a boost of energy and creativity.

This strain promotes focus and creativity. It doesn’t taste like chocolate, but it comes close with earthy and sweet characteristics.

Is ATF a decent strain to grow?

ATF is an excellent strain for folks who want to consume while still being able to focus due to its creativity-inducing qualities. Many people also claim that this strain lacks the normal sativa crash.

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