Burmese Kush Strain

Burmese Kush is a nicely balanced mix of Sativa and Indica with a consistent 50/50 ratio.

It was developed in the Netherlands by TH Seeds by crossing OG Kush with Burmese Indica to create a cheerful yet calm marijuana that is ideal for those of us suffering from depression, high stress levels, and muscular spasms.


Burmese Kush’s little green buds have a lot going on, so let’s look at what makes them special.


A medium to high dosage, Burmese Kush’s THC concentration ranges from 13 to 18 percent, depending on the grower’s methods.

This implies that while most users will find the Burmese Kush to be a simple weed to manage, inexperienced users should not try to keep up with their more experienced pals.

What Exactly Is the Burmese Kush Strain?

The Burmese Kush strain is a cross between Burmese Indica and OG Kush. OG Kush is a hugely popular and always in demand marijuana strain.

It is undeniably a world top seller, therefore having it as a parent to Burmese Kush is a terrific indication that we have discovered something special.

How Was Burmese Kush Created?

The joyful endorphins produce an ear-to-ear grin, which is mirrored by an overpowering sense of bliss. We also can’t ignore the munchies that will be vying for your attention.

Because of these potent effects, OG Kush was ideal for persons suffering from chronic stress, pain, loss of appetite, or despair. Burmese Kush has inherited many of these properties, but it also has a tropical, almost citrus flavour.


The sweet qualities inherited from Burmese Indica are the first taste you’ll notice, with a faint sourness from the lemony finish. After a few hits, the grapefruit tangs emerge, coupled with faint berry undertones.

Near the end of the buds, you’ll notice a herbal flavour taking over the entire taste, with a tinge of pine. You’ll notice a consistent yet slight spicy tingling as an underlay to all of these tastes.

Flavor And Aroma

The aroma is derived from the OG Kush side of Burmese Kush and has a strong, woody odour that is closer to earth than light. However, there is a hint of sweetness blended with the scents, so the overall perfume will not be overpowering.

Burmese Kush is much smoother than its parent strain, enabling you to take in the smell with ease.

Physical Attributes

Burmese Kush has a dull green colour in its densely packed nugs, just like a regular Kush strain. The foliage is thick and not airy at all. When you crack open the nugs, you’ll discover a couple of red and orange pistils on the insides, but golden brown pistils on the outsides.

A thin sprinkling of sticky crystalline trichomes covers the outer surface.

Grow Information

Burmese Kush may be a difficult strain to grow since it requires a lot of care to be healthy. You must keep mould and bugs away from the fragile leaves, which can easily dominate the growth process.

To assist maintain and develop the whole crop, we offer the Sea of Green technique.

Although Burmese Kush may be grown indoors, it flourishes best in a bright outdoor site with a covered covering. Mold, while it enjoys the light, can readily wreak havoc on plants if conditions get too damp.

If you choose to cultivate your Burmese Kush indoors, you may anticipate a blooming period of 60 to 65 days and a yield of 12 to 14 ounces per square metre.

If you prefer to cultivate outdoors, the buds should be ready for harvest by the end of September, yielding 14 oz per plant.


Burmese Kush is 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa, with THC levels ranging from 13 to 18 percent and CBD levels ranging from 0.01 to 0.185 percent.


Burmese Kush is a creeper, therefore its effects are gradual yet increasing in strength. This rhythm will prolong the effect and give your mind and body time to acclimate to the new emotions.

You will begin with a tranquil bliss followed by a slight euphoric sense to enhance your attitude. After a time, you’ll probably find yourself laughing at strange things and focusing on innovative tasks.

As the high gradually builds, a sensation of calm will begin to slow you down. It will make you tired, and if the THC content is more than 18%, you may start to nod asleep. Burmese Kush is classified as an evening strain due to its drowsy properties.

Side Effects

You will most likely have dry eyes and a dry mouth, so keep water nearby and stay hydrated. If you take more than the recommended amount, you may have headaches, dizziness, or even paranoia.

Medical Appointments

Burmese Kush is an excellent alternative for persons who have been diagnosed with depression due to the mental high and first sensation of euphoria.

People that suffer from ADHD or ADD symptoms would benefit greatly from the concentrating properties of Burmese Kush. Those of us who suffer from sleeplessness will appreciate the inherent sleepiness of this Burmese strain.

Identical Strains

If you’re looking for additional strains that make you happy, we recommend Apples and Bananas, Blucifer, and Bootylicious.

We recommend Kali Mist, Jack Herer, and Chemdog for more creative sparking strains.

If you’re looking for a strain to help you sleep, consider Tahoe OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and God’s Gift.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Burmese Kush an indica or a sativa strain?

Burmese Kush, according to the breeder, is significantly sativa-leaning yet grows to a medium height and lacks the difficult-to-tame sativa vigour. This strain can grow in either indoor or outdoor environments, but it prefers the latter.

What exactly is Burmese Kush?

Burmese Kush has a greater THC content than the typical potency. best resulthungry T.H. Seeds bred this plant, which includes the California classic OG Kush, and it will be dark green with a piney scent and a sweet aftertaste, giving users a peaceful, mellow perspective.

Is purple Hindu Kush identical to Jager?

In Oregon, Purple Hindu Kush was originally known as “Jager,” until the makers of Jagermeister had their attorneys issue a letter asking a name change.

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