Cactus Strain

Cactus is a well-balanced strain that is the result of two renowned buds, Northern and Afghani Lights.

The high provided by Jordan of the Islands, a Vancouver-based breeding enterprise, is eclectic to say the least! As a result of its Sativa composition, it will normally start with a burst of energy and a clear head, allowing you to complete any activities on your to-do list.

This supercharge might persist for a long, leaving you feeling upbeat and determined. Following this great energetic high, its Indica ingredients will kick in and a drop will strike, leaving you calm yet a bit spaced out.


Because you won’t be moving for a while, a sofa comes in useful. This phase is expected to last hours and will wash away whatever problems you may have had. Even the decline in energy will leave you with a euphoric high, so it is not a terrible experience.

Because this strain is known for being rapid acting, beginners are advised to take it slowly to prevent experiencing unwanted effects.

This strain is useful for treating depression, stress, and anxiety because to its mood-boosting and energising benefits. Its calming tendency from its Indica ingredient is claimed to help with sleeplessness, and it is also incredibly beneficial in easing any discomfort your body is experiencing. Is this a good all-arounder or what?

Are you looking for a well-balanced high that will allow you to relax without leaving you dizzy? Do you find it difficult to focus on particular activities on your to-do list that you keep putting off? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this Cactus strain, which might be just what you’ve been looking for!

History of the Cactus Strain

This strain, developed by Jordan of the Islands, is a hybrid between Afghani and Northern Lights. It gets its name from its look, which resembles a pear cactus.

This strain may be created with 80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa, or it can be made with 80 percent Sativa and 20 percent Indica. This is all determined by breeding patterns, although both have similar impacts.

This strain took first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012, and it’s easy to understand why! It has undoubtedly inherited the greatest DNA from each of its illustrious parents.

Both Afghani and Northern Lights contain characteristics that induce a calm state in users, making them excellent for treating chronic pain, tension, and anxiety. This is particularly noticeable in their Cactus strain.

Origin of the Cactus Strain

Jordan of the Islands created this Cactus strain. Their firm, which is based on Vancouver Island, has been breeding seeds for almost 20 years.

Because of its climate, Vancouver Island is one of the greatest areas in the world to develop and produce high-quality marijuana strains. Jordan of the Island’s mission is to develop the finest strains for both aficionados and medicinal patients.

They have received prizes in a variety of contests, including The Karma Cup, Cannabis Cups, and BF Fall Harvest Cups.

Genetics of Cactus Strain

This strain was created by crossing Afghani and Northern Lights. Both are well-known strains, therefore you can’t go wrong with Cactus, which is a result of both of these buds.

The blend of Sativa and Indica is what makes this such a unique sensation. The Sativa provides the energy and inventiveness, while the Indica provides the drowsy but calm effects.

As previously said, its father Afghani is known as Afghan and Afghanistan is a well-known Indica strain. It has sweet and earthy aromas, and its Indica effects leave consumers in a very relaxed state coupled with exhilaration.

It can also help with pain, stress, and sleeplessness. Northern Lights, another well-known Indica strain, is noted for relaxing muscles and producing euphoric feelings. It has a sweet and spicy flavour with a smooth exhale.

We can determine from the descriptions of both parents that the Cactus strain was created using the greatest DNA from each parent.

Appearance of Cactus Strain

The Cactus strain looks like a pear cactus, as its name suggests. It also features deep green heart-shaped buds. It has gorgeous amber-colored pistils and opaque trichomes among its leaves.

Flavor of Strain

This strain’s taste does not disappoint. It has a citrusy sweet flavour, an earthy pine flavour, and a sour lemon flavour. These delectable tastes are unmistakably taken from their two parents.

Another great thing about this bud is that it has a really smooth smoke that won’t leave you coughing. Northern Lights is well-known for this as well.

Aroma of Strain

The scent that surrounds this magnificent bud is almost intoxicating. You will notice an organic, earthy perfume with citrus overtones and a dash of spice. This has a beautiful, pleasant, and warm scent.

Cannabinoids of various strains

Although it has not been formally lab-tested, based on user feedback, its THC levels appear to fluctuate between 19 and 24 percent, making this a reasonably steady and mid-range strain.

Terpenes in Cactus Strain

Terpinolene is the primary terpene in this bud, with a fresh scent of pine, citrus, flowers, and herbs. It is associated with vitality and inventiveness and can be found in herbs such as nutmeg and cumin, two delicious spices that will give you a good notion of what types of odours and tastes surround this option.

Myrcene, a herbal scent found in basil and lemongrass, and ocimene, found in mint, parsley, basil, and lavender, are two more terpenes detected in this strain.

By researching what other plants and spices contain these terpenes, you may have a good sense of what types of scents you can expect from this Cactus strain.

Side Effects of Cactus Strain

This strain is no stranger to marijuana’s characteristic side effects, such as dry eyes and a dry mouth. Keep plenty of water on hand when ingesting this, especially when the comedown strikes and you won’t want to leave your sofa. If not eaten appropriately, mild paranoia may occur.

This is a strong strain, so if you are inexperienced, you should take it cautiously to ensure you get the full range of benefits.

Cactus Strain’s Medical Advantages

This strain has been shown to be a good pain reliever. This is due to the calming and tranquil nature of the aftereffect of the energy surge.

This can assist to relax your muscles and ease any discomfort you may be experiencing. This makes it beneficial in the treatment of insomnia.

Its mood-boosting impact makes it an excellent choice for persons suffering from depression, stress, or moderate anxiety, while it also provides patients with an energy boost.

Perhaps you’ve been suffering from persistent pain that is interfering with your everyday activities. This strain will address both issues by relieving pain and clearing your mind, allowing you to focus on what has to be done.

Several consumers have commented that it is one of the greatest pain relievers they have ever used!

Cactus Strain Growing Information


This plant thrives in a warm environment and is resistant to mould and pests, living true to its name. Because it is the result of two well-known breeds, these seeds are widely accessible in internet retailers.


It has an indoor flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks and an outdoor blossoming time of late September to early October. It is recommended to allow it to develop stronger in order to prepare it for a higher harvest.

Yield of Cactus Strain

The sole disadvantage of this plant is its low yield. Hydroponics is recommended for growers that want to boost their productivity.

They should also apply the Sea of Green training approach. Rather than putting all of your effort on fewer larger plants, this strategy involves growing numerous little plants in a short space. It is a well-known approach for increasing yield.

This plant has a chance of generating 4 to 8 ounces per square metre.

Cactus Strain Review

According to users, this is an excellent after-dinner pastime since it leaves you calm and drowsy. It has been proven to be a very effective pain reliever and stress reliever.

Users have all been impressed by the many impacts this produces, such as blasting you with euphoria at first and allowing you to perform things, followed by a sedating yet relaxing high as if it’s rewarding you for completing your long to-do list.

This strain is also reported to help people sleep and lessen spasm and arthritic pain. One outstanding feature is that it alleviates pain without causing cognitive fog, as many other marijuana strains do.

Frequently Asked Quesions (FAQs)

Is Cactus Breath Sativa or Indica?

Thug Pug Genetics’ Cactus Breath is an indica-dominant strain that might be difficult to locate. It’s a hybrid of Cactus and Mendo Breath F2 (aka Stanley Spewright). Cactus Breath’s most commonly described odours are soil, spicy plants, and skunk. It’s said to taste like sour herbs, skunk, and spices.

What strain is Cactus Kush?

Cactus is a traditional indica hybrid of Afghani and Northern Lights, whereas Mendo Breath is a powerful indica with OG Kush traits. The combination produces a lovely high, but it lacks the crippling indica melt you’d anticipate.

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