Chem Kush Strain

Chem Kush, also called as Chen Valley Kush, is a predominantly Sativa hybrid with a 30% THC potency. It was created by combining the genetics of Chemdawg with San Fernando Valley OG Kush, two extremely popular strains.

Chemdawg is a famous cannabis strain that has achieved legendary status in the community.

Nobody knows where this strain originated, with legends ranging from it being formed at a Grateful Dead concert to it being the offspring of another popular strain, Dog Bud.

Chem Kush Strain

Whatever its origins, this hybrid strain has become a cannabis market mainstay due to its desirable qualities of producing an optimistic and creative high.

Chem Krush’s other father, San Fernando Valley OG Kush (or SFV OG), has a considerably more straightforward genetic background. This Indica-dominant strain was created by combining a cut from one of the original OG Kush plants with the Afgan #1 strain.

Chem Kush’s Sativa-leaning basis was created by combining these two strains, however it is still 30% Indica.


Chem Kush was developed by breeders at The Cali Connection in California, USA. The Cali Connection is one of the most coveted and well-liked seed firms in the cannabis market, with award-winning goods.

Appearance of Strain

Chem Kush has smaller blooms that form popcorn-like spheres. Despite their Sativa origins, these spherical buds have a more indie-influenced form. The core of this stain is made up of tightly coiled leaves.

The leaves are a dark forest green colour with wavy orange and dazzling crimson pistils flowing through them. Sticky, foggy trichomes fill all visible nooks and crevices on the nugget, making the buds difficult to separate by hand.

Flavor of Chem Kush Strain

When smoking Chem Kush, the tastes that stand out the most are those with earthy undertones, such as musk, wood, dirt, and pine. Sweet scents such as pear and mango, as well as vanilla, have been noted by some users.

Blue cheese coupled with spicy herbs is an even stranger flavour that many have encountered. What you taste will vary depending on where and how this strain was cultivated, but unusual flavours like this are considerably more uncommon than the standard earthy tones.

Aroma of Strain

Chem Kush, like many cannabis strains with earthy tastes, is a fairly pungent strain. When you smoke, the stench soon fills the room and seeps into fibres like your clothes or furniture.

As a result, you should avoid smoking this strain somewhere you shouldn’t or aren’t permitted to be.

Even when smoked outside, the aroma of this strain may go a long distance through the air, so be sure to smoke it away from the public.

If you acquire a bud with a sweet and citrus flavour, the scent created will match, but it will still be an extremely nasty experience.

Cannabinoids of various strains

Chem Kush, like other strains, is densely packed with cannabinoids. While we can’t specify how much of each is in Chem Kush because it depends on where and how it’s cultivated, these are the typical levels of each:

THC content ranges between 15% and 19%.
CBD concentrations range from 0.21 to 1.04 percent.
0.11 – 0.55 percent CBC
0.15 – 1.15 percent CBG
0.37 – 0.25 percent CBN
0.39 – 0.56 percent THCV

Terpenes in Strain

Chem Kush has four main terpenes. The first is Myrcene, which is present in virtually all cannabis strains. This spicy and herbal terpene is recognised to produce the particular calm and calming sensation associated with smoking.

It has various useful medical effects, including anti-inflammatory and moderate anaesthetic characteristics.

Furthermore, by relaxing the muscles, it can release hypertension and minor knots in the muscles, enabling a person’s discomfort to melt away. People who suffer from sleep issues benefit from this terpene since it allows them to fall asleep sooner and remain asleep for longer.

Caryophyllene is the next terpene in Chem Kush. This is another terpene with medicinal properties that is commonly used in the medical marijuana community. This terpene acts on the endocannabinoid system and provides significant pain relief almost immediately.

It is also an anti-inflammatory, thus it can aid those with inflamed joints. Caryophyllene has a distinct spicy flavour, akin to that of black pepper or cloves.

Limoene is the third terpene. It, like the preceding ones, is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The key attribute of this terpene, however, is the euphoric effects it provides when smoked.

They generate a rapid high and provide the smoker with an immediate mood boost. Limonene has an unique acidic and sour flavour, akin to lemon.

Sabinene is the last terpene in Chem Kush. Though this terpene is not typically present in many cannabis strains, it provides the smoker with a calming experience that relaxes the mind and body.

It imparts mint, pine, or pepper smells and odours to cannabis, albeit a high concentration is required for the smoker to detect this.

This terpene, like virtually all terpenes, offers a few medicinal advantages, albeit it is not widely employed in the medical marijuana market.

Side Effects of Chem Kush Strain

Chem Kush has a number of favourable side effects on both the body and the psyche. Unlike many strains, this one will make you feel energetic enough to go out and accomplish stuff.

You may smoke some and then go for a long stroll, or you can use it to focus and concentrate on a difficult work. Chem Kush makes people feel highly chatty and gregarious after smoking it, making it a nice strain to take when you’re among friends.

The euphoric impact will make you feel pleasant and buoyant, while the sedative effect will dull whatever aches you may be experiencing.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this strain. People suffering from various mental conditions, such as anxiety, may find this overpowering due to the heightened sensory experience it provides, leading to panic episodes or intrusive thoughts.

It can also cause dizziness or lightheadedness, presumably due to how much this strain impacts a person emotionally. People have also experienced feelings of sleepiness, yet if you have trouble sleeping, this may not be a bad thing.

Medical Advantages

The stimulating benefits of Chem Kush may be advantageous to the medicinal cannabis business. Its capacity to provide the smoker with a concentrated attitude might be advantageous to those with attention deficit disorders, allowing them to focus primarily on one work at a time or concentrate completely on a tough activity until it is accomplished.

Its euphoric effects may also assist to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of mild to severe stress and depression for a short period of time. Chem Kush, on the other hand, is not recommended for persons who are prone to paranoia since it might overstimulate people’s senses, which can be unpleasant and create panic episodes.

The strain’s anti-inflammatory properties are primarily responsible for its physical benefits, which include relief from common maladies like as headaches, nausea, and cramps.

Information on Growing a Strain

Seeds of a Strain

Chem Kush seeds are now available for purchase online through Cali Connection, which is fantastic news for ambitious home growers. You might be able to buy them for cannabis stores as well.

Once obtained, the strain may be cultivated both inside and outdoors, with outdoor success requiring a semi-humid environment with daily temperatures in the 70s (Fahrenheit). Because these plants may grow rather tall and branchy, indoor gardeners may need to cut them to keep them manageable.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Chem Kush matures around 70-79 days, which is significantly longer than the normal blooming time for most other strains. After 86 days, you will be able to harvest the buds.

Yield of Strain

The amount of bud you get from Chem Kush depends on where you grow it. If you cultivate this strain outside, you may expect a yield of 15 – 20 oz/plant (550 g/plant). Indoors, you will receive a little lower yield of 1 – 2 Oz/Ft2 (400 g/m2).

Review of a Strain

Chem Kush’s high comes on swiftly but fades quickly, however the effects linger for a long time after the first buzz. After smoking this strain, you will still experience the bliss that Chem Kush provides.

Because of its sedative and muscle relaxing characteristics, smoking causes any stress and tension in the muscles to wash away quickly, and you will be able to walk around pain-free for a time if you suffer from persistent aches and pains.

This stain is ideal for taking walks and getting closer to nature since the wide-eyed qualities it provides allow you to enjoy the outdoors in a whole new manner. Chem Kush is advised for daytime smoking because to its buzzy effects, while smoking in the evening may provide you with too much energy to fall asleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is chem Kush?

Chem Valley Kush is a sativa-leaning hybrid created by Cali Connection from Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush. Chem Valley Kush is a sativa-leaning hybrid created by Cali Connection from Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush.

Is Chemdog a sativa or an indica strain?


Chemdog is powerful, and crossbreeding has increased its utility. With its 55 percent sativa and 45 percent indica ratio, it will deliver spicy and sour aromas to the party. During growing, the chemdog scent is quite strong, some would say loud, and neighbours may hear it.

What exactly are Chem strains?

In chemistry, strain occurs when a molecule’s chemical structure is subjected to stress, which increases its internal energy in contrast to a strain-free reference substance. A molecule’s internal energy is the total amount of energy contained inside it.

Do you get high from Chemdawg?

Chemdawg is a hybrid with a cult-like following. It combines the greatest attributes of indica and sativa, with a strong kick. The indica influence gives you a sedating bodily high, while the sativa side gives you a tremendously stimulating brain high.

What exactly is chem breath?

OG Chem is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that was created by crossing two renowned strains: Chemdawg and OG Kush. Chemdawg’s diesel overtones mingle with OG Kush’s sour, piney aroma to create a powerful skunky aroma that fills the room.

How powerful is Chemdawg?

This hybrid contains between 15 and 20% THC, making it rather high, but what really draws us in is its tremendously pungent fragrance and quick-acting effects.

What is Chemdawg combined with?

If you like Chemdog, you’ll probably like Stardawg. Stardawg is a hybrid developed by Top Dawg Seeds by crossing Chemdog 4 with Tres Dawg. As a result, this cultivar is well renowned for its high THC concentration and potent high, whether uplifting or sedative.

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