Clementine Strain

A decent Sativa-dominant strain might be difficult to find. It might be difficult to find a strain that will elevate and excite you while also relieving body aches and pains.

Taking it a step further, it might feel nearly difficult to find such a strain that truly tastes well, smells lovely, and isn’t an absolute misery to cultivate.

However, believe it or not, we may have a solution. Clementine is a beautiful hybrid strain that gives a perfectly soothing but stimulating high due to its 70 percent Sativa 30 percent Indica composition.


It also has a novel genetic foundation, which provides a deliciously fruity flavour and fragrance.

If this seems like your sort of strain, check out the details below. We’ve covered everything, from the clementine strain’s history to its adverse effects and medical use. If you want to understand how to develop the strain efficiently, be sure to read the relevant growth information as well.

History of the Strain

Clementine is a really uplifting strain with a good punch.

As a 70/30 Sativa/Indica hybrid, its energetic effects are noticed almost immediately. Clementine has been shown to increase the consumer’s sense of consciousness and capacity to focus, in addition to producing a sensation of contentment and enjoyment.

The therapeutic properties of this strain do not come at the price of a great scent and flavour, thanks to brilliant breeding.

Clementine won second place for Best Sativa Concentrate at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan, because to its intriguing flavour.


Tangerine Sunrise and Sanjay Gupta Kush were crossed to create Clementine Kush.

Tangerine Sunrise is perhaps Colorado Seed Inc.’s most popular variety. Despite being named one of the Top Ten Marijuana Strains of 2014, this strain remains shrouded in mystery.

We do know that it is a fantastic Sativa-dominant strain with a mid-range THC content of 15%. Customers also say it helps them feel creative and cheerful.

Sanjay Gupta  Kush is a well-known Indica-dominant strain. Its name honours Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon who was an outspoken supporter of medical marijuana. This hybrid strain is a cross between Ghost OG Kush and Blue Moonshine.

It has a strong sedative effect, making it ideal for patients suffering from chronic pain or restlessness. It is also highly strong, with THC levels reaching up to 25%.


Colorado Seed Inc. created Clementine Kush. The founders of Colorado Seed Inc. established the firm with the goal of developing Cannabis genetics. Its creators intended to transmit a more in-depth grasp of what makes a strain excellent, emphasising on things like terpene profiles.

Appearance of Strain

This variety may attain heights of up to 80 inches when grown outdoors. When fully grown, the plant produces enormously big blooms and a thick covering of trichomes. Trichomes are sticky glands that coat the cannabis plant’s flowers.

They provide a variety of functions, ranging from sheltering the plant from suboptimal circumstances to signalling the potency of the specific plant.

The leaves of the Clementine plant are a beautiful greeny-yellow tint. Orange-colored pistils will also sprout around the leaves.

These pistils indicate that the female plant has not been pollinated and, as a result, that its buds are possibly more powerful.

Flavor of Clementine Strain

On the inhale, Clementine has a characteristic creamy, lemony flavour. Expect a tart, almost sour orange flavour on the exhale. Because of its Tangerine Sunrise ancestry, this strain is ideal for those who prefer fruity, tangy aromas in their cannabis.

Aroma of Clementine Strain

Clementine has a very attractive fragrance, as you could expect. It has a really pleasant, zesty perfume that reminds me of orange and lemon. There are, however, quite lovely earthy, peppery, and piney overtones.

Cannabinoids of various strains

Clementine is a fantastic strain for users searching for a middle-of-the-road potency. Clementine has a THC concentration that ranges between 17 and 19 percent on average.

It is worth noting, however, that this strain’s variations have been reported to contain THC concentrations of up to 27%. This is quite high, and as a result, customers should proceed with extreme caution.

Clementine is not the strain for you if you’re seeking for one with a high CBD concentration. Clementine has been shown to contain a CBD level of less than 1% in general.

Terpenes in Clementine Strain

Terpenes are chemical substances found naturally in cannabis plants. They determine the fragrance and flavour of a given strain.

Terpenes have been shown in recent years to affect the overall effects of a certain strain. In particular, certain terpenes are likely to make the effects of a certain strain stronger.

Terpinolene and Beta-Caryophyllene are the main terpenes in Clementine.

Terpinolene, which gives Clementine its unique lemony and woody fragrance, is also known to have sedative qualities. Clementine’s delicate spicy, earthy scents are provided by beta-caryophyllene, as is the strain’s euphoric effect.

Side Effects of Clementine Strain

In general, the only adverse effects you need be concerned about with Clementine are those linked with cannabis use. Consuming Clementine, for example, might cause dry mouth and eyes.

However, there are additional adverse effects related with higher dosages and/or more strong strain varieties.

Some users have experienced heightened anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness after smoking a very strong form of the strain. As a result, it’s critical to approach with prudence.

Medical Advantages

Customers suffering from mood disorders believe that Clementine relieves the symptoms of despair and anxiety. This might be because of its euphoric and illuminating effects.

Clementine is also known to be beneficial for persons who suffer from weariness. This strain’s energy-boosting properties might help customers feel more alert and ready to face the day.

Finally, Clementine is a mildly effective pain and stress reducer. Because of its Indica ancestry, it clears the mind and has some calming effects.

However, it is unlikely to be as effective as other strains, especially ones with a high CBD concentration.

Information on Growing Clementine Strain

If Clementine is your ideal strain, you’re in luck! It is also quite simple to grow in contrast to other Sativa-dominant strains. It is, in fact, inherently resistant to moulds, mildew, illnesses, and pests.

It may also be cultivated both indoors and outdoors.

Seeds of a Strain

Feminized clementine seeds were previously quite difficult to come by due to their enormously popular nature when they first entered the market. Everyone was eager to get their hands on the legendary strain!

However, finding feminised Clementine seeds has gotten much simpler in recent years.

Feminized seeds are seeds that have been developed to have no male chromosomes. As a result, they have been genetically modified to produce solely female plants. Because male plants do not generate psychoactive compounds, the growth process is sped up.

As a result, feminised seeds are an excellent approach to save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on maintaining male plants.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Clementine seeds, as previously said, may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It is crucial to note, however, that this strain thrives in a semi-humid area with typical daily temperatures ranging from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you chose to cultivate this strain indoors, you can anticipate it to blossom in 8 to 9 weeks. If you prefer to grow Clementine outside, the plant is usually ready to harvest around the middle of October.

This is more quicker than other Sativa plants, making Clementine a genuine godsend for aficionados of an uplifting high.

However, we propose that you cure the buds of this strain. This procedure will aid in the elimination of germs and enzymes that cause plant materials to degrade.

As a result, the terpenes and cannabinoids will last longer, preserving the strain’s distinct smells, fragrances, and effects.

To achieve this, you must first dry the buds. This may be accomplished by hanging them upside down for 10 days. When the buds are totally dry, store them in an airtight jar in a cool, dry closet.

Following that, open the lid three times a day for the first week of their stay in the container. The lid should remain open for around 10 minutes. This removes any excess moisture that might lead to mould growth.

Clementine buds will be properly cured after two or three weeks. However, if you want to continue curing them, you can do so for up to six weeks. You should obtain much greater results this way!

Yield of Clementine Strain

You may anticipate a harvest of roughly 350g per square metre if you plant Clementine indoors. When cultivated outdoors, the yield is around 450g per plant.

Though Clementine does not have the highest yield, the buds are densely packed with powerful resin. When it comes to Clementine, quality trumps quantity every time!

Review of Clementine Strain

Clementine is an extremely adaptable strain. Whether you want to relax or get a rush of energy in the morning, this strain has you covered.

Its Sativa-dominant nature delivers a pleasantly uplifting experience without being overpowering, making it great for use in the mornings or during social gatherings.

Clementine also creates a mental high rather than a physical high. This means you’re less likely to get couch-lock, which will come as a relief to anyone who is tired of being bed-bound after a few hits.

This is not to argue that it has no sedative properties. It actually relaxes the body just enough to relieve mild discomfort and produce calm.

The mix of strong orange and musky fragrances is extremely popular with customers. However, it is the flavour of this strain that will have you coming back for more.

Because of its various parental strains, it has a highly subtle flavour that will delight even the most seasoned smokers.

Last Thoughts on Clementine Strain

Clementine is a fantastic strain. From its delectable scent and flavour to its unrivalled uplifting effects, it’s easy to understand why this strain is a favourite among Sativa enthusiasts!

It’s also quite simple to cultivate! We hope the information above has sparked your interest in giving it a go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Clementine an indica or a sativa strain?


Clementine is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed by Crockett Family Farms cannabis growers. A concentrated live resin of Clementine was won second place in the Best Sativa category at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Michigan.

What terpenes are in Clementine?

Terpenes at high concentrations

Myrcene contains 26.13 percent

D-Limonene. 19.94%, 16.94%, 4.78%, 2.21 percent, and 1.96 percent

Borneol. 0.7 percent 0.31%

Who invented the Clementine strain?

Crockett Family Farms developed this strong sativa strain by crossing Tangie with Lemon Skunk. Clementine came in second place for best sativa concentrates in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup. This strain is popular among users due of its pleasant citrus flavour and strong THC concentration, which may reach up to 27 percent.

Is Blueberry Clementine an indica or a sativa strain?

Blueberry Clementine is a hybrid marijuana strain that is mostly indica. The taste characteristic of this strain includes sweet berries and citrus. Blueberry Clementine smoking produces a cerebral high that may work as a mood enhancer. Blueberry Clementine is a hybrid marijuana strain that is mostly indica.

What exactly is Clementine Kush?

Clementine Kush is a Colorado Seed Inc. hybrid of Tangerine Sunrise and Sanjay Gupta Kush. Clementine Kush receives a bright citrus scent from its Tangie mother and trichome-rich colas from its indica-dominant father.

Which strains are related to Clementine?

  • Mimosa.
  • Citrus Punch.
  • Tangie.
  • Skunk Lemon

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