Dairy Queen Strain

Dairy Queen Strain is a relatively recent strain that exemplifies the cannabis industry’s current botanical elegance. Dairy Queen is an intriguing hybrid between two different strains that results in an unusual yet beautiful blend of flavour, fragrance, and genetics.

The result is a wicked yet pleasant strain that will wow even the most seasoned smoker. Subcool’s ‘The Dank’ created Dairy Queen, which is pioneering new strain genetics and expanding by continually changing the present seed collection. Dairy Queen finished fifth in the Sativa category in the 2014 Karma Cup.

Dairy Queen Strain

This strain is for sativa enthusiasts and genetic marijuana specialists. This strain is unquestionably the king of cheese strains.

History of Dairy Queen Strain

While the plant’s history isn’t as long as that of other more historic strains. It possesses an interesting genetic profile that, once deciphered, will expose the mysteries of the plant’s pungency and peculiar flavour. This strain is particularly appealing to botany enthusiasts since its genetics have a direct impact on the strain’s taste and fragrance qualities.


Dairy Queen’s genetic composition is both intriguing and a superb illustration of contemporary genetic breeding. Dairy Queen’s particular flavour and scent are the product of its unusual genetics.

Subcool had the foresight to combine the genetics of the cult favourite UK Cheese and the sativa-dominant Space Queen. The result is a head-spinning sativa with a strong odour and a peculiar flavour.


This strain was developed by the minds behind Subcool’s The Dank, who are well-known for their bizarre and fantastic strains and strain names. They are the epitome of current breeding practises, and they produce results.

Their growers’ main goal is to identify these strange genetic combinations that somehow work, as well as to continually extend their seed catalogue.

If you appreciate sativas, you should check out The Dank’s work because they love to create unusual sativa kinds. Space Queen, the mother of Dairy Queen, is the preferred sativa for its quick effects that appear to debunk marijuana clich├ęs.

Profile of Dairy Queen Strain

Dairy Queen undoubtedly has one of the most distinctive and fascinating profiles available.

Appearance of Strain

As with most sativas, expect huge green and black buds that are highly thick and sticky. With this one, expect frost plating of THC trichomes that corresponds with the odour and intensity of this strain.

The shrub leaves are brilliant green, as is typical of most sativas, and contain the golden hairs that we anticipate from properly produced and cured marijuana.

Dairy Queen comes in three phenotypes, thus the look will differ somewhat.

Aroma of the Strain

Be prepared for a strong odour; the scent of Dairy Queen is virtually indescribable, so we recommend getting some just to see, or smell, for yourself. Just be careful where you take it, because the stench is terrible and not at all subtle.

Dairy Queen is easily identified by its pungent but delicious cheesy odour. Dairy Queen, like any other Queen, will undoubtedly make an entrance when it enters a room. The cheesiness sounds unpleasant but is actually pretty pleasant, similar to inhaling smelly cheese.

Sativas already have a distinct odour, now image combining that with a Cheese strain; it’ll honk.

Flavor of Dairy Queen Strain

Dairy Queen’s taste is allegedly where it gets its name. The sweet flavour is quite smooth, which is unexpected. The name Dairy Queen relates to only to the cheese strain, but also to the creaminess of the smoke, which tastes like your favourite chilled dairy sweets.

Fruity, cheesy, and nutty undertones combine to create a smooth and creamy experience that tastes far better than you’d anticipate. It might be difficult to pinpoint the particular flavour that appears so familiar; some describe it as cherry and cheese, but it is the consequence of combining the cheese strain with the pungent Space Queen.

The end product is strange and weird, but unquestionably delightful.

Consider having a fruity cheese platter followed by ice cream. A strange flavour combination that emphasises flavour variety. If you’re tired of the same old strains, this one is worth looking into for a novel smoking experience.


There is no question that this strain was produced for recreational purposes, as well as therapeutic purposes. As a result, this strain is quite potent. THC concentration has been reported to range between 15-20%. This amount of THC is excellent since it does not become overpowering and is ideal for the energetic sativa dominant strain.

While this strain is 60% sativa, the 40% indica genetics from the UK Cheese father assist offer a moderate kush aspect to the strain, which is excellent for high sativa grade plants.

Terpenes in Dairy Queen Strain

Terpinolene, a relatively uncommon terpene that is prominent in Dairy Queen, is not surprising. Terpinolene, while present in many cannabis plants, is normally found in trace levels, hence its presence as the main terpene in this plant is unusual.

Although it is not surprising given the flavour and scent, it must have been generated through a unique technique.

Terpinolene dominating strains, such as Dutch Treat and XJ-13, appear to have unique taste and fragrance characteristics. The same terpene may also be found in nutmeg and cumin.

Side Effects of Dairy Queen Strain

Because this is a really potent plant, the primary adverse effect is that your room and house will smell like cannabis and cheese. Unprepared, sativa highs can typically create worry and anxiety.

Space Queen, Dairy Queen’s mother, is known for being rather head spinning, and you can anticipate some of that in Dairy Queen as well.

If you’re not willing to pursue the sativa dragon, this strain might not be for you.

Medical Advantages of Dairy Queen Strain

Many people appreciate the strain’s sativa potency because of its uplifting effects. Many people find that the strain alleviates their despair and anxiety.

Terpinolene, the strain’s major terpene, is really recognised for its anti-blues properties. Many people believe that Dairy Queen is highly calming and numbing, which might be beneficial for discomfort.

Many people say it’s also perfect for a nocturnal smoke, inspiring contemplation and creativity.

Information on Strain Growth

This queen, true to her name, may be a difficult plant to cultivate. We recommend that new growers pick a more tolerant queen to practise on.

Be warned: just as the strain has a strong odour, you can bet your bottom money that the plants will as well. Some people have reported severe headaches and needing to use face masks to deal with the pungency.

We recommend purchasing carbon air filters and exhaust fans. Keep in mind that this isn’t a particularly discrete grow.


Dairy Queen is most often cultivated from feminised seeds. It might be difficult to obtain seeds for the strain since they are well guarded and sought after by head shops who want to improve this train. TGA Subcool sells seeds through a variety of online shops.

Flowering Period

Dairy Queen responds favourably to the Sea of Green technique for indoor production and also works well with hydroponic systems. When cultivated indoors, the short bushy plants can be harvested after 7-8 weeks. A semi-humid environment with constant 72-80 degree temperatures is required for outdoor growing.

This is advantageous for individuals that cultivate cannabis in milder areas. Growers should prune the high leaves that block sunlight; patience will result in a larger harvest.

Yield of Dairy Queen Strain

What Dairy Queen excels at in terms of potency, it falls short in terms of output. Dairy Queen growers should expect quality above quantity, as this isn’t a very high-yielding variety.

For outdoor growing, you should expect 14-16 ounces per square metre, and the same per plant. Consider growing inside or using a hydroponics system for the maximum output.

Review of Dairy Queen Strain

We adore this strain. Not only does it have an intriguing genetic profile and a catchy name, but it also directly affects your smoking experience.

For all the strains with strange names and mutant genetics, this one truly does what it says on the tin.

This strain’s flavour and scent are strange but genuinely delicious; like pineapple on pizza, this strain appears incorrect but is so good. Furthermore, if you enjoy sativas, you will enjoy this strain.

It possesses one of the most distinct and inspiring sativa highs available, thanks to its genetic mother Space Queen.

Prepare for a really productive day if you get up and bake, or smoke at night to work out some fascinating thinking patterns.

This strain exemplifies a grower’s ability and interest in generating something genuinely unique and remarkable. Just ask the guys at The Dank if you thought botany was extinct.

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