Dr Funk Strain

Dr Funk is an indica dominant strain known for its stimulating qualities, which many consider to be its primary effect. Although the real origins of this particular genetic mix are unclear.

This is probable because this is a very new strain, so new that obtaining seeds to produce it can be difficult, and it will likely remain in the hands of head shops and coffee shops, who will have a high demand for this green aphrodisiac.

Dr Funk Strain

Has your marijuana use ever aided you in the bedroom, or do you simply curl up in a ball of chips and smeared dip? Maybe Dr Funk can spice up your sex and smoking lives.

The strain has been identified as one that can be regarded a natural aphrodisiac.

No, this won’t get Russel the love muscle moving, but many people tell that after smoking, this strain really got them in their emotions. The predominant impact reported by Dr Funk users is ‘aroused.’

Marijuana usage as an aphrodisiac has a long and well-documented history. To begin their tantric sex rituals, Ayurvedic shamans created a marijuana-containing beverage known as ‘bhang.’

‘There’s little doubt that when individuals are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual thoughts and impulses,’ said Dr. Grinspoon, a former Harvard Medical Professor.

We came to the conclusion that marijuana significantly improves many people’s sexual experiences.’ If you don’t trust me, simply listen to the Doc, both the medical professor and Dr Funk himself.

History of the Strain


Dr Funk was born when his  daddy Blueberry and mommy Bubba Kush loved each other so intensely that one day their love formed what we now know as Dr Funk. Who said cannabis wasn’t romantic?

These two created a gorgeous offspring that is a lovely blend of indica and sativa bliss.


The actual origin of the strain is still unknown. If we had to guess, someone put the genetics of two plants together to see what would happen, and this amazing plant was the result.

Perhaps they were ashamed by its primary impact, stimulation, and attempted to improve the lives of pot smokers everywhere from the shadows of obscurity, buried behind a pile of bodies and sticky nugs.

Appearance of Strain

Dr Funk’s frosty buds are compact and huge, as are most indica buds; this is one of those strains with the peach fuzz of amber hairs that signal a great grow.

With affection, the blossoms are beautiful green and even purple. The dense layer of THC crystals indicates the potion’s strength. The sight of this bud might readily thrill any marijuana addict.

Flavor of Strain

With this delightful strain, you may receive flavour as well. Even though it is indica dominant, sativa fans will like the fruity and crisp flavour of this strain.

Expect fruit and cheese, similar to the cheese board, and dessert wine, which is always left half eaten after dinner. The indica dominance gives the strain a cheesiness that you grow to appreciate after a few hits, as well as a diesel note that is prevalent in indicas.

Aroma of Strain

The parents of this strain did the doctor proud by enabling their blueberry and berry smells to penetrate this bloom. The aroma’s fruitiness is offset by the earthiness and cheesiness you’d anticipate from an indica, but it’s tempered with sativa aromas as well.

This one smells, so don’t attempt to impress your girlfriend by bringing it anyplace you shouldn’t.


This strain is 80% indica and 20% sativa, which is intriguing because it has some sativa traits but is dominated by indica – the two function well together.

While tiny, the powerful sativa genetics complement the indica characteristics.

Just enough sativa to keep you moving and from curling up into a ball. This may cause you to curl up in a ball, as the THC level is already rather strong at roughly 15-18% THC content.

Terpenes in Strain

Myrcene is the most prevalent terpene in this equation. Myrcene provides certain medical advantages to this bud, as well as its naturally peppery spice, which is also found in other plants that are Myrcene dominant.

Some say that smoking the good stuff increases your libido due to the soothing effects of the myrcene terpene.

Side Effects

Aside from the risk of falling in love with the first person who walks into your smoking den, expect the usual side effects of smoking: dry mouth, dizziness, and so on.

However, this is a strong smoke, so if you’re new to it, start with some artichokes or oysters to warm up, because this may put you to sleep.

When it comes to business, the last thing you want is anxiety, but Dr Funk can help with that as well.

Medical Advantages

While one may anticipate this strain to be mostly utilised for recreational purposes, if you know what I mean, it also has some excellent therapeutic properties for the same reasons.

Consider pain, worry, sleeplessness, and the loss of the majority of your IQ.

However, the aphrodisiacal effects of the marijuana strain are demonstrated in user reviews, so if you are experiencing troubles in that department, consider Dr Funk’s prescription.

The elevating qualities of this strain are beneficial to folks who suffer from anxiety and despair; Dr Funk has his own blues medication. Heavy hitting indicas are excellent for relieving muscular ailments like as headaches, cramps, and exhaustion.

Information on Growing a Strain

Unfortunately for the sexual deviants among us, developing Dr Funk isn’t as simple as having children. Dr Funk’s seeds are few and far between.

To flourish, many gardeners will have to rely on reproducing the plant from cuttings. This demands a higher degree of horticultural talent, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you are fortunate enough to obtain some seeds, Dr Funk is not difficult to cultivate and may be grown both inside and outdoors.

Seeds of a Strain

As previously said, there aren’t many Dr Funk seeds floating around. Because there isn’t much history in terms of seed diaries, it might be difficult to discern if feminised or male seeds function better.

Because the strain is so new, most growers will rely on replication techniques because seed availability is limited.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Dr. Funk should blossom between 8 or 9 weeks of being grown indoors. Keep a watch on the temperature of the grow room; if it becomes too high, Dr. Funk may expire.

When planted according to the seasons, the doc will blossom in late September and early October if grown outside.

Yield of Strain

The standard methods of Sea of Green and Screen of Green all perform beautifully on Dr. Funk and will help you obtain the greatest yield out of your growth.

Indoor culture typically yields 12 – 14 ounces per square metre, however outdoor cultivation yields up to 14 ounces per plant.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to grow Dr. Funk, we recommend preserving the seeds and cutting and sharing with your friends to assist the strain reach the far reaches of each state.

Keeping a seed journal will let producers record good outcomes for future genetic splicing and more kids named Dr. Funk.

Review of Dr Funk Strain

Dr. Funk is the marijuana world’s love doctor. The effects numb you while causing a stimulating exhilaration that frequently leads to excitation.

Whether you want to blow some bowls with the boys while watching Sesame Street or go on a green date with your significant other, Dr. Funk’s medication has you covered.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain like the strain’s numbing properties as well as the brightness it adds to their mood.

Think indica bliss rather than sativa scattiness; the sativa head rush is rapidly replaced by gentle and titillating indica effects; even the most experienced smoker will experience flushed cheeks with this one. No, that isn’t simply spliff-induced arousal; the buds truly look that wonderful.

Furthermore, they stink, so be careful where you take this and if you’re trying to disguise the fact that you smoked a bowl before getting funky from your partner.

This is not for new smokers since it may be too much for them. But stoner couples should try it for reasons other than aphrodisiacs, which you can discuss later.

However, if this strain causes you to start doing flamingo mating dances with your partner at 3 a.m., don’t blame us; instead, thank Dr Funk.

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