Hempire Strain

Hempire Strain is the world’s most popular weed-growing game. With millions of players worldwide, there has never been a better moment to start playing this game.

However, if you’re new to the game, you may have a lot to learn about the cannabis strains. Fortunately, this helpful guide has you covered.


It will walk you through each and every strain that Hempire has to offer, as well as the many kinds of strains and the various applications for which you might put them.

What Exactly Is Hempire Strain?

First and first, let me explain what Hempire is. For those unfamiliar, Hempire Strain is an idle tycoon game in which you manage your cannabis empire. To develop the ideal hempire, the player must grow and breed numerous strains of marijuana, build your company, and battle a corrupt city.

You must cultivate, nurture, and finally harvest a number of various strains of bud throughout the game. Not only that, but you may also cross-breed different strains to boost certain plant metrics.

Meanwhile, crooked politicians and authorities are attempting to shut down your operation, and devious businesses are eager to see your Hempire Strain fail.

Growing and selling cannabis is the game’s major focus, with higher grade buds earning you more XP and cash. So let’s take a deeper look at the strains available, how to obtain them, and what you can do to enhance them.

What Kinds of Strains Exist?

There are now nine strains available for cultivation. These are divided into three groups according on whether they are indica, sativa, or hybrid, with three strains in each.



Because this is the initial strain you experience when you begin playing, it is also the first to improve. It’s also an iconic and popular strain in real life, with a reputation for potency and relaxation. In-game, you must cultivate and nurture your first Afghani plant in order to obtain Epic Buds, which are uncommon drops that allow you to enhance and breed strains.

The Northern Lights

Following on from the original strain, Northern Lights is the first strain obtained via breeding. Combining Afghani with Skunk No 1 yields this popular euphoria-inducing indica, as well as your hempire licence.

The Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush, the final of our indicas, is the most difficult to grow. With a longer growth time and more frequent watering intervals, you’ll need to keep an eye on this strain to get the most out of its powerful scent and great potency.


Sour Diesel

Around halfway across the breeding tree, Sour Diesel is the first sativa you receive. Sour Diesel, one of the most popular sativas on the market, is known in real life for its gasoline-like scent and intense head high.

As a result, it’s no surprise that this early sativa has excellent Aroma and Mood numbers.


This sativa, unlocked immediately after Sour Diesel, simply improves on its predecessor. In real life, haze is used to make various kinds of strains, therefore it’s only natural that you utilise it to make the best strains.

Jack Herer

This strain has the highest selling price and is also the most difficult to grow. Jack Herer requires more than 4 hours of total grow time and the greatest watering intervals of any strain on our list. To obtain this strain, you must cross Chemdawg with G13 Haze, both of which are difficult to cultivate.

However, if grown correctly, Jack Herer is a top-tier strain with some of the highest numbers in the game.


G13 Haze

This late-game strain, created by merging Haze and Sour Diesel, is one of the last you unlock. G13 Haze is an incredibly potent sativa with excellent stats thanks to the combination of these two strains. However, it is one of the most difficult strains to grow, coming in second only to Jack Herer. Make sure you take good care of this strain if you want to boost its already impressive numbers.


Chemdawg is an excellent mid-level strain that serves as the foundation for multiple different strains both in-game and in real life. For example, you utilise Chemdawg as being among the parent strains to make Sour Diesel; in reality, Chemdawg is the source of SD’s heavy petrol scent and potent effects. Despite being unlocked earlier in the game than some of the more potent strains, Chemdawg is a fantastic mid-game strain that provides decent stats despite its shorter grow time.

Skunk No. 1

You’ll be given some Skunk No. 1 not long after you start, and it will assist you understand the breeding process. Its early emergence, however, does not imply that it is uninteresting. If you keep improving your plants, you’ll wind up with a fantastic strain that will serve you well for the duration of the game.

Improve Your Weed

You can boost the quality and yield of your plant if you put in the work. You’ll have an abundance of high-quality bud if you cultivate each strain properly.

When growing flowers, you must water them at regular intervals. These vary per strain, however watering them when necessary can increase both the marijuana and your ‘Strain Mastery’ score. Every time you water your plants at the appropriate interval, another bud will sprout.

When you reach the minimum amount of buds for your harvest, your mastery score for that strain will improve. With so many strains to understand, it’s a good idea to devote some time to knowing each strain’s timetable.

This hard work, however, pays off. Each harvest, you will earn an extra bud for each mastery level you achieve (there are five in total). If you top out a strain’s mastery level, you’ll get an extra five buds just for taking care of your plants!

You may also level up various stats for your selected plants. These numbers reflect Potency (the strain’s strength), Aroma (how powerfully and how well it smells), and, depending on the strain, Pain or Mood.

Last but not least, there are the strain-specific statistics for pain and mood. Sativas have Pain, while indicas have Mood.

Hybrids can have either, depending on which strains were used to make them. Higher-quality plants provide higher returns, so developing the ideal strain is absolutely worthwhile.

You may increase a strain’s attributes by employing rare special buds obtained by correctly watering your plants and using these when breeding to boost specific metrics.

You may also enhance your cannabis by breeding different strains. Instead of growing a new strain, you can enhance the’mother strain’ (but we’ll get to the breeding procedure later!).

It is possible to construct the perfect strain of cannabis to power your Hempire Strain by blending several strains and employing Epic or Legendary Buds.

Strains for breeding

Breeding your strains might be perplexing at first. But don’t worry, there are several methods to make it simpler.

You must first have two Epic Buds before you can begin breeding your strains.

As previously stated, these are unusual buds that either fall at random during your harvest or are assured following a flawless harvest.

When you have two fantastic buds, you may crossbreed them to create a new strain.

A’mother’ strain and a ‘father’ strain are required for breeding new strains. The mother strain provides the new strain with its base stats, while the father strain provides it with a bonus modification.

When you breed, you also have the choice of improving the mother strain rather than establishing a new strain; strains that aren’t appropriate for breeding will only give you the option of improving the mother strain.

Finding new strains is straightforward if you follow a simple approach. When you initially begin breeding Northern Lights, the Afghani strain will serve as the mother strain, and the Skunk No. 1 strain will take on the role of the father strain.

Take the strain you developed and the father strain you used to breed it every time you wish to make a new strain. Make the old father strain the mother strain, and the new one the father strain.

For example, after breeding Northern Lights, you may use Skunk No 1 as the father strain and Afghani as the mother strain to create Chemdawg, and so on.

Don’t worry if all of this is going over your head. Cheat sheets with strain combinations and watering times may be found online, so don’t be scared to look them out if you need some additional help!

Last Thoughts

So now you know everything there is to know about the many strains in Hempire Strain, how to enhance them, and how to create new strains.

You should have no trouble if you follow this advice. All you have to do now is begin constructing your own Hempire Strain.

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