Juggernaut Strain

One of the strongest and most potent indica-dominant hybrids around, Juggernaut is a 70-30% Indica/Sativa mix.

Its name appropriately captures the impact of this strain’s steamroller. It has a long and diversified history that may be traced back to Afghanistan, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, and other countries.

It was formed by crossing BC Hash Plant with Space Queen, and it has the tremendous powers and therapeutic advantages of both of its parents. Similarly, it delivers the powerful wallop of the BC Hash Plant while producing an euphoric head high similar to the Space Queen.

Juggernaut Strain

It also looks as delicious as it tastes, with gorgeous pinks and reds gently threaded among vibrant mint green leaves and blossoms. Fruity and spicy tastes merge with a sour, pungent scent to provide a pleasant and pleasurable smoking experience.

History of the Juggernaut Strain


Juggernaut was born from the cross of BC Hash Plant and Space Queen. Sensei seeds spawned the BC Hash Plant, often known as “Hashplant.” It’s a 90 percent Indica that was generated by combining a ‘pure’ Hash Plant from the United States with the well-known Northern Lights. It’s a thick, hazy strain with several therapeutic properties.

Romulan and Cinderella 99 were combined to become Space Queen. It gives you a buzzy and stimulating head high. Some seed companies produce a Juggernaut strain with various genetics, but it’s commonly assumed that the original Juggernaut is the BX Hash Plant crossed with Space Queen.


There is some disagreement over the strain’s origins, however by tracking its ancestry, it is recognised to have a wide history of origin. It has a history that may be traced back to Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico, and Thailand.

Although they are all hot areas, the humidity varies widely, allowing the tough Juggernaut to be grown in a variety of environments.

Appearance of Juggernaut Strain

Juggernaut is a stunning plant with vibrant minty green buds and faint pink overtones. They have a dazzling covering of milky white crystal trichomes on them.

Flavor of Strain

A delectable blend of fruity and spicy flavours, with herbal and pine notes enhanced by a zesty lime that creates a lovely contrast on the palate. The spicy sour tones are gently blended with a hint of pine on exhalation.

Aroma of Juggernaut Strain

The strain boasts an enticing blend of sweet, earthy, and spicy flavours with a sour undertone. When inhaled, the strain emits powerful, pungent, dank, and sour odours with pine undertones.

A word of caution: its powerful scent will quickly permeate any room or location where it is eaten. Even cracking open the blooms releases a powerful scent into the room.

Cannabinoids Strain

This strain’s THC level ranges from 17 to 26 percent, indicating that it may strike strong and quickly. It has been claimed that trace levels of CBD and CBG might be as high as 1%.

Terpenes in Strain

Juggernaut has a diverse terpene profile, which contributes to the strain’s fragrant and therapeutic properties.

Limonene is the major terpene, with intense citrus scents of lemons and oranges, as well as antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It has been shown to help people lose weight, prevent and cure cancer, and relieve bronchitis.

Caryophyllene emits cinnamon and clove scents while alleviating anxiety and discomfort, lowering cholesterol, preventing osteoporosis, and treating seizures.

Myrcene is present in thyme and lemongrass, giving the strain earthy smells. It contains potent muscle relaxant and sedative properties, making it useful for persons suffering from insomnia or other sleeping problems.

Phellandrene is abundant in Eucalyptus and gives off minty, woody, and faintly citrus scents. It has long been utilised in Eastern holistic medicine because of its capacity to provide pain relief, raise energy levels, and have possible anti-cancer qualities.

Pinene is also an anti-inflammatory, aiding in pain reduction and relaxation, as well as memory and respiratory function.

Side Effects of Juggernaut Strain

The moniker Juggernaut accurately describes the impact this strain may have on the user. It has the ability to blast through your mind and body like a steamroller, leaving the user feeling somewhat disoriented.

Because of its high THC concentration and rapid action, it may easily and quickly take the user off guard. There have been instances of users experiencing paranoia and anxiety after eating this strain in excessive amounts.

Its intense and full-bodied high can also produce dizziness and nausea. Overuse is likely to leave you feeling couch-locked and sluggish, since your mind will be active and creative, but your body will shut down and leaving you in a thick haze.

To counteract these negative effects, Juggernaut should be consumed with caution. Experienced smokers believe that a few tokes is the optimal quantity, since it leaves the user buzzed and creative without the creeping body impact of higher amounts.

Users are likely to experience dry lips and dry eyes, as with any marijuana with a high THC profile.

Consume when hydrated to keep your mouth and throat pleasant. Eye drops or a splash of cold water can help with dry eyes, as can walking outside for some fresh air.

Medical Advantages

Juggernaut has a high terpene profile, which provides the user with several medical advantages.

It is ideal for individuals suffering from chronic pain throughout the body due to its sedative and painkilling qualities, since it reduces the sensitivity of muscle and joint pain. It can aid people who are having trouble eating, as well as those who are suffering from insomnia or other sleeping problems.

The strain exhibits antibacterial and antimicrobial capabilities, as well as anti-cancer qualities and the ability to help lessen the effects of seizures.

Juggernaut is known to benefit consumers suffering from depression, chronic stress, and anxiety in addition to easing physical discomfort. A tiny dose will leave the user feeling high and energised, allowing them to feel more confident, relaxed, and conversational.

Information on how to grow Juggernaut Strain

Juggernaut is a robust and long-lasting strain that can be grown both inside and outdoors. Its modest plant height of roughly 2.5 feet allows it to be cultivated in compact spaces while producing high yields, especially outdoors.

Because it originated in hot areas, it is likely that the optimal growth conditions are likewise sunny and hot. It should be mentioned, however, that some of its origin nations have a dry heat, and others have a dense rainforest-type environment and climate.

Higher yields and a potent dosage of THC may be expected when cultivated in a greenhouse. It is critical to monitor the plant at all times to ensure that light, oxygen, and nutrients reach the entire plant.

It is not considered a simple plant to cultivate, which might explain why it can be tough to obtain.


Juggernaut seeds may be purchased through a variety of online and in-person seed dispensaries.

It should be noted, however, that owing to at least two distinct strains sharing the Juggernaut name, you should examine which parents were utilised in the production of the specific strain. Juggernaut is a rare strain that is in great demand, therefore obtaining the seeds may be challenging.

Flowering Period

Juggernaut will typically blossom between 7 and 9 weeks, with harvesting taking place around 10 weeks.

Yield of Juggernaut Strain

When cultivated indoors, Juggernaut may provide high yields of 14 ounces per square metre. Growers should expect about 15-20 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. Of course, sufficient care and attention must be made to the plant during the procedure for the greatest outcomes.

Review of Juggernaut Strain

In both name and nature, this strain is a Juggernaut. It’s a strong, powerful, and intense smoking experience that will transport you to a higher level of consciousness before falling back down into a bewildered and confused state of mind.

It is a strain that should be treated with caution and respect, since its many qualities are finely balanced on opposite sides of a knife’s edge.

On the one hand, a tiny quantity will stimulate your mind and body, leaving you feeling energised, creative, engaged, and gregarious. A higher dose, on the other hand, will blast your mind into space while your body stays firmly stuck to the area. Proceed with caution to avoid any unfavourable side effects.

Its vast and diversified pedigree contributes significantly to this strain’s fragrant characteristics, delectable tastes, and wide-ranging therapeutic properties. Fruity, peppery, earthy, and piney flavours are cut through by zesty lime citrus to create a finely balanced flavour. It has a dank and sour fragrance that is a tart compliment to the milder tastes.

The medical advantages are extensive, with the strain providing relief and therapy for a wide range of physical and psychological ailments.

Because it’s an uncommon strain, it might be tough to get in some areas, so if you see it promoted at your local dispensary or on your favourite online store, make sure you acquire some!

Remember to employ this irresistible force of nature with caution; use a little to boost your consciousness, or take a heavy hit to be securely rooted in a disoriented and drowsy state of being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Juggernaut an indica or a sativa strain?

It is a highly effective Indica-dominant marijuana strain. When smoked, this strain gives a powerful high that builds gradually. Juggernaut will make you feel creative before putting you in a daze and sedating you.

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