Larry Bird Strain

Larry Bird, named after the renowned Boston Celtics player, is a laid-back all-star who will not disappoint.

Larry Bird is a potent indica-dominant cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It is stimulating and pain-relieving all at the same time..

This is a strain that is extremely popular not just in the chronic pain community, but also among those who suffer from mental health issues, and it’s simple to understand why. A massive, uplifting high greets you at the door, melting all your worries away on a wave of wonderful, sweet, and fragrant smoke.


Shortly after that, your physical pain starts to go away, bringing your mind and body together in a world where these things no longer bother you. You’re not glued to the sofa while this is occurring, as you could be with some other potent strains.

You may be later, but you are enthusiastic and inventive at first. Larry Bird can transport you to a pain-free, concentrated existence, even if only for a short time.

Larry Bird is the same strain as Gelato #33, which was Larry Bird’s vest number with the Boston Celtics, so if you see any of these names, you can be confident that you’re experiencing the same delicious high.

History of the Strain


Larry Bird is a moderately Indica-dominant (55/45) hybrid between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that was intended to bring out the finest in these two older types.


Larry Bird is said to be a Bay Area invention, so if you’re searching for some authentic North California vibes, you should check it out. However, there is a significant possibility that it was developed in Europe by Zamnesia Seeds. Whatever the origin, Larry Bird is a classic that you should try.

Appearance of Strain

Larry Bird cultivates compact, thick nuggets with a bright colour palette. Larry Bird stands out in a crowd because he is either deep forest green or purple-tinged, with vivid red and orange hair.

Larry Bird’s purpleness is determined by the growth process. Larry Bird nugs are also frequently covered in a thick layer of white crystalline resin, which adds to the strain’s aesthetic appeal.


Larry Bird is here to deliver every time in terms of flavour. Lavender and wood notes are layered on top of a smooth, creamy foundation that flows with a delicate sweetness. You could detect a whiff of citrus or bright berries glinting through the pillowy veil as well.


Larry Bird has a delicious and rich scent that is somewhere between grape soda, freshly baked cookies, and orange sherbert (there you have it, those genetics).

Larry Bird is frequently praised for having an intriguing aroma with few off-putting or too astringent overtones; instead, it’s pleasant and fresh like pine with the soothing backdrop of traditional kush.

Cannabinoids of various strains

Larry Bird is a THC-heavy strain, with several cultivars average THC levels ranging from 20 to 25%. CBD is very non-existent in Larry Bird, with quantities as low as 1% being usual.

Terpenes in Strain

Terpinolene, B-myrcene, and B-caryophyllene are the most prevalent terpenes in Larry Bird. If you’ve acquired a tolerance to your typical daily toke, this is a terrific strain to alter up with, and if you’re relaxed with it, you can smoke it all day.

Side Effects of Larry Bird

Larry Bird’s Sativa side can be a little perplexing on the way to an upbeat, creative mindset. Most smokers agree that Larry Bird does not leave them feeling drowsy, which is a significant benefit.

In fact, the incoming surge of creativity and energy that Larry Bird provides is characterised as abrupt, like a shot to the brain. This indicates that Larry Bird may be too much for certain people who suffer from anxiety issues.

Other people who have anxiety have claimed that it was really beneficial to them, so the best advise is to be mindful that it may come on a bit strong. Larry Bird can cause dry eyes and dry mouth, so remain hydrated and keep some eye drops on hand if you suffer from dry eyes.

Medical Advantages

When it comes to assisting with medical difficulties, Larry Bird is a true giver. The soft uplifting high is ideal for combating chronic stress and allowing your mind to unwind. Because Larry Bird fosters a good mental environment, it is also an excellent antidepressant.

This strain is also quite effective for pain treatment, treating anything from chronic joint pain to headaches. With the mellow feelings and pain relief, it’s no surprise that Larry Bird is also a fantastic strain for sleeplessness.

Another purported advantage of Larry Bird is that it might aid if your appetite is subdued.

Information on how to grow Larry Bird

Larry Bird is widely regarded as an easy-to-grow breed that tolerates a wide range of environmental conditions both inside and outdoors. It produces a good yield under most situations and does not require any special skills to provide a good output.

Larry Bird is a short plant that excels in indoor grow rooms, producing a thick, luxuriant plant with a high yield. There’s not much to worry about in terms of pests and disease with Larry Bird, since it’s mould and bug resistant.

While no strain produces exceptional results on its own, Larry Bird comes close to a set-and-forget grow that will provide for you time and time again.


Zamnesia Seeds sells seeds easily, however they only offer gendered seeds, which stops your plants from producing new seeds. If you’re just trying to get a decent crop of Larry Bird under your belt, Zamnesia is a terrific place to start, and their seeds are top-notch.

Flowering Period

Larry Bird takes about eight and ten weeks to blossom indoors. This season often occurs outside during the first three weeks of October.

Yield of Strain

The production from a Larry Bird crop is large and plentiful. These lovely blossoms are simply ready to be harvested.

Indoors, anticipate anywhere from 19 to 27 ounces per plant, with the average being approximately 26 ounces. That’s a lot of buds from a plant that seldom reaches taller than four feet inside and grows so quickly.

Review of Larry Bird Strain

Larry Bird, the Great White Hope, is a wonderful strain that has a lot going for it. It’s a pain reliever, a mood booster, and an all-around performer that may be used at any time of day. Larry Bird is available to help you calm your anxiety, boost your creativity, or relax and unwind in the evening.

Larry Bird is a strong strain that hits you like it’s the first time every time. It won’t knock you out for hours with leaden lethargy, but it will take the edge off the world. It’s primarily a cerebral high with a little physicality thrown in for good measure, but Larry Bird excels at dulling pain.

If you suffer with persistent physical discomfort, this is the strain for you. Even at modest dosages, it relieves neuralgia and arthritic pain while exposing your mind to a more cheerful and inspiring environment. This is a remarkable experience for chronic pain patients, releasing both the body and the psyche.

This strain will provide you with an invigorated, clear-headed high that will last for a reasonable amount of time. It’s a well-balanced and delightful toke, a true window-into-another-existence type of experience where you’re solidly in this world but also have a foot on a more pleasant, less unpleasant plane.

It’s like a pure Sativa for individuals who enjoy the flavour of an Indica, in that you don’t get the Indica high that you may anticipate from a 50/50 hybrid, but you do get those qualities that are truly typical of a sweet Indica bud.

It’s an amazing experience that every discriminating smoker should treat themselves to.

One thing that keeps you grounded in physical reality is Larry Bird’s penchant for kicking off the munchies. Before you smoke this, make sure you have enough of munchies on hand because you will become hungry; it’s a truth.

This has the added benefit of making Larry Bird an excellent strain to smoke if you suffer from appetite suppression. In a peaceful and cheerful state of mind, Larry can overcome most dietary hurdles.

While this is not a medical suggestion, if you have a painful or combative relationship with food, you could do worse than try some Larry Bird.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Larry a sativa or indica?

Larry OG is a cannabis strain that has been causing quite a stir among pot enthusiasts. Larry OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing SFV OG and OG Kush. It relaxes and calms you after ingestion. It includes properties that aid in stress reduction and sleep induction.

Is Gelato 33 related to Larry Bird?

Gelato 33, often known as the Larry Bird strain, is a sweet variant of the original renowned Gelato from California’s Bay Area. Although it is not the original, it has enough weight and personality to stand on its own and build a reputation for itself.

Is Larry Lovestein a sativa or an indica strain?

Larry Lovestein is an indica-dominant hybrid. With flowery, sage, and citrus aromas and flavours, it is known to improve mood while also causing deep muscular relaxation, making it an ideal pre-gym pick-me-up.

What does Larry OG stand for?

Larry OG, also known as “Lemon Larry,” “Sour Larry,” and “Zour Larry,” is a member of the well-known ocean-grown strain family. This indica marijuana strain was developed in Orange County as a hybrid between OG Kush and SFV OG.

What exactly is Lemon Larry?

Lemon Larry, a Southern California native produced on the THC Design Estate, is a mix between OG Kush and SFV OG. The strain has a very sweet taste with hints of green herbs and citrus pine. The strain has a woody undertone, as well as sweet citrus and herbs.

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