Melon Gum Strain

Don’t let the name Melon Gum deceive you. This isn’t your average marijuana strain. Regardless of the fact that this strain generates lovely, fruity, sweet tastes, the high is not for the faint of heart.

Melon Gum, on the other hand, will have you stuck on the sofa giggling like a schoolgirl.


Melon Gum’s key selling feature is its very sweet taste. This strain is a wonderful delectable surprise for both seasoned smokers and newbies, with flavours of sweet melon, strawberry bubblegum,  and zesty lemon.

History of the Melon Gum Strain


Melon Gum is a hybrid strain that was made by crossing Lavender and Bubble Gum. It is mostly made up of Indica plants.

Dr. Underground created this strain with the intention of combining the wonderful flavour of Lavender (Soma Seeds) with the sweet, fruity flavour with hints of melon and strawberry bubblegum from the strain Bubblegum (Serious Seeds).


Dr. Underground invented Melon Gum in their laboratories. They crossed these two marijuana strains with the goal of merging the greatest characteristics of both parent strains into an extremely pleasant and strong strain of bud with sweet, fruity tastes.

Appearance of Melon Gum Strain

Melon Gum plants have thick, tiny nugs that are lime-green in hue. The blossoms have lovely, long, clementine-colored hairs.

These buds are covered in sticky, milky white trichomes, giving them their name.

Melon Gum buds create dense arrowhead clusters that are ringed by thick olive-green leaves that curve around the blooms.

Along with the sticky trichomes, you’ll observe visible droplets of resin across the flowers when the buds are ready to harvest.

Flavor of the Melon Gum Strain

Melon Gum offers a rich flavour profile that includes a variety of sweet fruits. It features melon notes (thus the name), strawberry bubblegum overtones, and a tinge of acidic lemon.

The flavour is as amazing as, if not better than, the aroma! When smoked, you’ll note an initial sweetness, followed by a lovely earthiness on the exhale.

There is a little woody aftertaste that will leave you wanting more.

Aroma of Melon Gum Strain

Melon Gum has a lovely scent from its parent strains, Lavender and Bubblegum. This plant has a really lovely scent that is not excessively overpowering.

As a result, many growers argue that you don’t need a smell-proof system to cultivate these plants indoors because the stench isn’t too strong.

Melon Gum has a pleasant scent, particularly once the buds are cured and especially when ground up, with notes of strawberry, melon, and a dash of zesty lemon.

There’s also a distinct fragrance of bubblegum, which is really sweet and delightful.


Melon Gum has THC levels ranging from 15% to 23%, which is about normal for this type of marijuana.

Terpenes in Strain

Terpinolene is the most prevalent terpene in Melon Gum. This imparts a fresh and delicious flavour to the strain, as well as rich scents of pine, citrus,  and herbs.

Terpinolene also lends Melon Gum a flowery flavour. Cumin, n utmeg and lilacs all contain this terpene.

Myrcene, which has a herbal flavour and scent, and Caryophyllene, which gives the strain a somewhat peppery, spicy flavour, are the second most dominating terpenes discovered in Melon Gum.

Side Effects of Melon Gum Strain

Melon Gum’s claimed negative effects are frequent side effects associated with cannabis consumption. The most common negative effects are dry mouth and eyes.

Some Melon Gum users may suffer dizziness with larger dosages. Users have mentioned these impacts in internet reviews.

It is crucial to remember that cannabis affects people differently, thus your experiences may differ from those described by others.

Medical Advantages of Melon Gum Strain

Melon Gum is popular among medical professionals because of its sedative properties. Many people use this strain to treat insomnia since it is an excellent sleep aid.

It is also an excellent alternative for reducing tension and anxiety, especially at night. The tiredness caused by smoking Melon Gum will undoubtedly provide you with a good night’s sleep, as well as soothe your mind from the day’s tension and problems.

Melon Gum’s sedative qualities can also be utilised to treat chronic pain issues like headaches and muscle discomfort. Some individuals use this strain to alleviate muscular spasms as well.

Melon Gum’s cerebrally sedating properties make it an excellent alternative for treating mental problems such as anxiety and depression.

Melon Gum is a strain with an easygoing high that won’t cloud your mind but will help you relax and let go of any tension you may be carrying.

Information on Melon Gum Strain Growth

Seeds of a Strain

Melon Gum seeds, fortunately for you gardeners, are accessible online from a variety of sources, including the developers themselves, Dr. Underground.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Melon Gum is a strain that is generally simple to cultivate, with producers expecting their harvest to blossom around the 8-week mark when cultivated indoors.

Melon Gum plants should bloom in late September or early October for outdoor gardeners. Growers appreciate the nice, sweet aroma that these plants emit.

Many indoor growers say that they do not require an odor-proof system to cultivate these plants.

When your Melon Gum plants begin to flower, large, sticky dollops of resin will appear all over the buds. You’ll know you’re ready to go once the resin comes.

Yield of Melon Gum Strain

Melon Gum is an excellent strain for cultivating due to its high output. Outdoor gardeners should anticipate 600 to 800 grammes of bloom per plant.

Melon Gum plants thrive well indoors and outdoors, growing to be quite tall. Because of the abundance of blooms, these lengthy branches will bend under the weight of the buds.

Review of Melon Gum Strain

Melon Gum is an indica-dominant hybrid with an extremely fruity taste characteristic. Once smoked, the effects take action quickly.

After only a few puffs, you’ll feel invigorated, conversational, and a touch giddy. These effects, however, are rather short-lived, since a few more hits will leave you stoned, drugged, and most likely tied to your sofa.

You’d better have some delicious munchies and a movie ready because once this impact kicks in, you’re not going anywhere. Because of this effect, the optimum time to smoke Melon Gum is late at night or in the evening.

Melon Gum’s average THC concentration allows this delectable strain to be enjoyed by people of all experience levels, however you should be conscious of the tiredness it causes.

Some users may find the sedative characteristics too strong and prefer a strain with more energetic and uplifting properties.

Despite Melon Gum’s calming properties, some users report feeling more concentrated after the effects kick in. Some users who report increased creativity recommend this strain to persons who pursue creative endeavours, such as musicians and painters.

These more intellectual impacts are focused yet also soothing. You’ll feel stoned yet alert, with enhanced attention, and more chatty and giddy. Melon Gum is a fantastic strain to utilise in a social atmosphere because of these benefits.

Melon Gum is a cannabis grower’s dream, because to its incredibly sweet tastes and easygoing high. Melon Gum is one of the easier cannabis strains to cultivate, and it can be done inside, in a greenhouse, or even outside.

Melon Gum’s scent is sweet and pleasant without being overbearing or harsh, so even indoor gardeners won’t require a smell-proof system to grow it.

Melon Gum is a great strain to smoke after dinner on a warm summer evening. Melon Gum is the strain of choice for flavor-focused enthusiasts because to its sweet scent and taste, and its calm, relaxing effects are excellent for closing a night on the right note.

Melon Gum Strain Final Thoughts

Melon Gum is the ideal marijuana strain for those who want sweet taste profiles and calm, easygoing, and clearheaded highs. Melon Gum is one of the sweetest strains available, with notes of sweet melon, strawberry bubblegum,  and a dash of zesty lemon.

Melon Gum is also an excellent choice for cannabis farmers because it can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Melon Gum plants also have a wonderful sweet scent that isn’t too strong or overbearing, making them suitable for growing inside without the requirement for a smell-proof growing system.

The high from smoking Melon Gum is pleasant and calm, allowing you to remain focused and creative.

It’s also a fantastic strain for unwinding in the evening and emptying your thoughts of the day’s problems and tensions before falling asleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Melon Gum Strain an indica or a sativa strain?

Melon Gum is a hybrid between Lavender and Bubble Gum that is indica-dominant. It yields medium-sized, resinous plants. Melon Gum flowers about 50 to 57 days on average and is renowned to produce big quantities of exceptionally gorgeous buds under perfect conditions.

How do you feel after consuming watermelon strain?

Because of its energising but soothing properties, watermelon is a popular recreational marijuana alternative. If you’re feeling a little listless and depressed, a few tokes of Watermelon might lift your spirits and possibly give you a brief sensation of exhilaration.

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