Mendocino Strain

With a subtle purple tint accented by orange flickers, the Mendocino strain is not only an excellent method to obtain a consistent high, but it also looks very unusual.

This popular strain may provide a continuous high that allows the mind to attain a nice level of relaxation while maintaining entire control! This makes Mendocino an excellent choice for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression who want to get out of their funk in a safe environment.

Mendocino may also give significant pain relief, making it ideal for individuals suffering from chronic diseases and those looking to relax and relieve stress after a long and difficult day.

Mendocino Strain

The Mendocino strain gets its distinctive name from its origins in Mendocino County, which is located in Northern California.

The strain quickly gained a significant reputation across the country, earning accolades such as ‘Strain of the Year 2007’ in the High Times!

Let’s go further into this strain as we learn more about its origins and what else you can expect from it if you get some for yourself!


The Mendocino strain developed as a clone plant of the Indica family of Marijuana, which is known for its high-creating abilities. Mendocino, on the other hand, is distinguished by the fact that it is a hybrid plant.

Hybrid plants include genetics from both Indica and Sativa plants. These plants may include variable degrees of each origin. Mendocino contains a little proportion of Sativa content, yet it is much than enough to deliver its numerous medicinal advantages.


It is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the Mendocino strain. There aren’t many records that describe when the plant first saw widespread use, although it’s thought to have started between 2006 and 2007.

Of course, the breed was initially created in Mendocino County, hence the name. It was probably able to spread swiftly to gain popularity since it was cultivated in California, where the usage of marijuana to get high is highly frequent.

Appearance of Mendocino Strain

The Mendocino variety is distinguished by its look. Mendocino, in contrast to many marijuana plants, contains relatively little green hue. Purple is the primary colour of this plant.

This gives the Mendocino plant a striking appearance, making it immediately enticing to everybody who tries it.

The strain’s surface also features extremely little orange highlights that contrast with the purple tint. This gives the plant an almost alien aspect, as if it’s from another planet!

Flavor of Strain

The Mendocino has a mature and nuanced flavour, which means that smoking it is as enjoyable as the high it produces. Many consumers describe it as having a grape-like taste with traces of a wine-like flavour, which gives it its mature palette.

The strain also has an earthy flavour, which makes it seem more natural and helps to create a soothing atmosphere.

This earthy flavour, along with the grape flavour, creates a very natural flavour that will have you chewing on freshly picked grapes. You must try this flavour for yourself; it’s incredible!

Other consumers of the plant perceive a subtle caramel tone, as well as extremely distinct tastes of pine, which adds to the plant’s natural flavour reputation.

Aroma of Strain

Unlike the strain’s remarkable tastes, its fragrances are less well-known. Mendocino has a very typical aroma that will remind you of other Indica strains.

Despite the fact that the perfume isn’t very memorable, many consumers describe it as pleasant and somewhat nostalgic. This makes it ideal for folks with extensive knowledge with the plant who prefer a more traditional experience.

The pleasant and average scent makes this a pleasant plant to smoke because it does not produce an unpleasant and persistent odour that you cannot avoid.

Cannabinoids of various strains

THC level in Mendocino is around 20%. This implies that, like other Indica strains, the plant may swiftly produce a powerful and pleasant high. With a concentration of roughly 20%, the herb can also be used recreationally.

Unlike some other plants, the high produced is not completely incapacitating and can provide you with a sense of energy or focus, which many users have reported assisting them in completing housework or other duties.

However, if you wish to utilise the plant to relax and unwind, you may do so because it helps to slow your racing thoughts and rest your sore muscles.

This is how the plant allows you to move around more while also allowing you to move around less! It truly is a remarkable plant.

Terpenes in Strain

The Mendocino strain has a plethora of essential terpenes that contribute to its distinct flavours and aromas. Myrcene is the most dominating of all of its terpenes.

This is a relatively prevalent terpene that gives many plants their earthy flavour. This terpene is also responsible for some of the plant’s strong highs.

Terpenes discovered in Mendocino include Caryophyllene and Linalool, in addition to Myrcene. Caryophyllene imparts a mild peppery flavour to the Mendocino strain, making it taste somewhat spicy and toasty when smoked.

This makes the plant ideal for smoking throughout the colder months when you need some warmth!

Linalool infuses the strain with flowery undertones, giving it a nice taste and scent that will keep you wanting more. The floral tones also help to create a peaceful atmosphere in any space, which is ideal for any decent strain worth its salt!

Side Effects of Mendocino Strain

When it comes to probable negative effects, Mendocino does not differ much from other strains. Expect mild symptoms such as dry eyes and a dry mouth.

If you wish to counteract such effects, have a drink of water nearby, since you may experience couch lock!

Couch lock is a typical marijuana side effect that is often regarded as a favourable effect, particularly for people seeking a lengthy and relaxing session.

If you want to utilise the strain recreationally to help with duties, make sure you handle them as soon as possible so you don’t wind up putting them off!

A very tiny proportion of consumers have reported minor headaches as a result of using the plant. This is especially prevalent when too much is utilised at once. To avoid this problem, be sure to utilise moderation and just a reasonable amount.

Mendocino strain Medical Benefits

Mendocino is frequently sought out by persons suffering with anxiety and despair and seeking treatment from the illnesses. This is due to the plant’s ability to slow down the mind and stop ideas from rushing around.

This generates a sense of focus, which reduces the likelihood of panic episodes. Mendocino also elevates your mood and makes you feel joyful, which is ideal for individuals suffering from severe sadness and anxiety.

This mental cleansing is particularly good for individuals who suffer from sleeplessness. Mendocino, in fact, has been known to put people into a deep and restful slumber straight off the tail end of a pleasurable high.

Mendocino also produces a numbing effect throughout your body, making it ideal for relieving chronic pain and other disorders. This is ideal for individuals who are suffering with vexing ailments that provide only temporary relief.

Mendocino also promotes the well-known ‘Munchies’ condition, which many strains may induce. The munchies are excellent for evoking a high appetite in folks who are having difficulty maintaining their natural appetite.

Grow Information for the Mendocino Strain

Seeds of a Strain

Obtaining seeds to grow your own Mendocino is very simple owing to the efforts of the BC Bud Depot, which has produced a vast output of seeds that are available for purchase.

Because the plant began as a crossbreed, it was extremely difficult to get seeds prior to the establishment of BC Bud Depot.

The seeds are little and unassuming, but they have the potential to grow into a very lovely plant that will leave you feeling calm for hours!

Flowering Period of the Strain

If you wish to cultivate your own Mendocino plants, you may anticipate them to be fully bloomed in 8 to 9 weeks. At that stage, you should observe that the plant has developed medium-sized, somewhat green leaves.

As the leaves reach the pinnacle of ripeness, they will turn purple. This makes it exceedingly simple to remain on top of the plant and follow its progress because all you have to do is look for a change in colour.

Yield of Mendocino Strain

Expect a medium to high yield when planting your own Mendocino variety. This implies you’ll have a large quantity that will last you for a long period.

The act of cultivating your own Mendocino is extremely fulfilling and enhances the enjoyment of smoking.

When developing the strain, make sure to allow it enough of room to spread out. This is due to the fact that when cultivated indoors, the plant may reach a height of 4 feet. If you want to grow it outside, you may anticipate it to grow much bigger!

This is not an excessively enormous size, but growing it in a common space would be unpleasant and perhaps dirty!

Review of Mendocino Strain

Mendocino is ideal for experienced users seeking a consistent high with all of the pleasant effects of other strains, as well as additional perks.

If you have difficulty focusing on tasks, which is a frequent sign of anxiety and depression, Mendocino may bring wonderful comfort since it lets you to keep a lengthy concentrate.

The plant may also produce a soothing experience, allowing you to not only focus on challenging activities but also obtain some much-needed sleep. Mendocino can help you stop your mind from running for even a few hours, which many of us struggle with!

We definitely recommend giving this strain a shot; just make sure you have enough of water and munchies on hand! You could require these.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mendo an indica or a sativa strain?


The Mendo Breath strain is a clone-only indica-dominant hybrid. Gage Green Genetics created this strain by crossing OG Kush Breath with Mendo Montage. Mendo Breath is famous for its sweet perfume and flavour.

Is Mendo’s breath top notch?

Mendo Breath (TOP SHELF) 14gs $75 OR FULL OZ $130 Beautiful bud structure, flavour, and high combine to make this one of the greatest smokes on the market today. This hard-hitting strain is an amazing combination of OG Kush Breath (OGKB) and Mendo Montage. It is an Indica-dominant flower with an unique scent.

What exactly is Mendo OG?

Mendo Breath is an indica cannabis strain created by crossing OGKB with Mendo Montage. This strain delivers a euphoric high with strong bodily effects that aid in the relief of pain and discomfort. Mendo Breath has a pleasant vanilla and caramel scent.

Is the breath of Mendo exotic?

Mendo Breath is an intriguing cross between OGKB (OGKushBreath, the alleged patriarch in the Cookies Fam genetics) and Mendo Montage. Their combined efforts result in thick frosted blossoms that smell of delicious vanilla and caramel. However, no matter how delicious this smells, keep it for after work.

What strain is Mendo montage?

Mendo Montage is a cross between Mendo Purps and Crystal Locomotive F1, two indica-dominant hybrid strains. While the THC content of this strain is very low (14-16%), the effects are fairly intense.

What exactly is Mendo Kush?

Mendo Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces plants that are shorter than typical. It’s relatively tough to cultivate, yet it thrives inside and responds well to Sea of Green (Sea of Green). Mendo Kush blooms in 70 to 77 days and offers average amounts of sticky buds. Mendo Kush seeds are available.

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