Pitbull Strain

This Pitbull strain, a combination of award-winning Sugar Plum and the first-ever clone P-91, is already a winner. This 80 percent Indica bud will provide you with a powerful physical high, while its 20 percent Sativa side will provide you with a sense of optimism and happiness, making you feel like you can take on everything the world throws at you.

The developers of the award-winning Sugar Plum have outdone themselves with this Pitbull strain, which has a lovely pineapple flavour with some earthy soothing tones. Because of its feel-good influence on the mind, it offers major medicinal advantages such as assisting with mood disorders such as depression, anxiety,  and stress.


However, its primary advantages are related to the body. This bud has incredible properties that can help relieve any chronic pain you may be suffering, such as muscular discomfort, arthritis, or headaches. An extra benefit is that its calming influence might aid individuals who suffer from sleeplessness!

Are you a seasoned smoker seeking for something a bit stronger that will blow your mind? Or perhaps you have aches and pains that keep you up at night? Look no further, we may have discovered the ideal blossom for you. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Pitbull strain.

History of the Pitbull Strain

As the name implies, this is a pretty strong strain that will provide a strong high. As a result, it is best suited to more experienced users. Surprisingly, there has been a lot of debate and conflicting perspectives about this strain. Some have described it as a tenacious and aggressive alternative, and it certainly lives up to its moniker.

Others, on the other hand, argue that this strain has been unfairly labelled as aggressive and that it is simply a very powerful option. Stoney Girl Gardens, a seed firm in the United States, developed it in the early 2000s. It’s a cross between P-91 and the award-winning Sugar Plum, which they also invented.

Because this bud leans more towards Indica, the high will strike you strong and last throughout your entire body.

Genetics of Pitbull

P-91 and Sugar Plum are two of the strain’s remarkable parents. P-91 is the result of a cross between Northern Lights and itself three times.

It is referred to as the “clone only” strain since it is the only strain that has been cloned with itself to create a new strain. This was an example of selective breeding. Using a Northern Lights female, it was crossed with a Northern Lights male, and then crossed with the original Northern Lights mother plant once again, resulting in a successful strain. It has a long-lasting Indica calmness with a Sativa buzzy effect.

P-91 has a zesty aroma with a tinge of ammonia that reminds me of cleaning goods. It has a citrus, sweet flavour with undertones of moist dirt.

Sugar Plum, Pitbull’s other father, is an award-winning Sativa strain. It has a sweet, sugary, tropical fruit flavour that customers love, as the name says.

The taste only gets stronger the more you smoke it, causing smokers to overdo it and develop psychosis. It has earthy, fruity, and sweet scents.

You know you won’t be disappointed with this delectable bud as Pitbull’s father. You can be confident that the greatest genetics were employed to make this magnificent bud, with its sweet and fruity flavour coming from Sugar Plum and its earthy musky tones generated from P-91.

Origin of Pitbull Strain

Stoney Girl Gardens, a charity seed firm in the United States, developed Pitbull in the early 2000s.

This firm has an intriguing backstory, since it was created in 1999 by Jenifer Valley, a fourth-stage cancer sufferer. She is a proponent of medical marijuana. They have created 24 strains in 9 nations and have the greatest seed bank reserves in the US.

They don’t simply make hybrids; they also make high-quality genuine breeder seeds. Their special signature series strains have twice received first place in the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards!

They’ve also been mentioned in publications like the High Times. It’s fair to say that everything you buy from this firm will be of the highest quality.

Appearance of Pitbull Strain

This Pitbull strain matures into a medium to big plant. Its buds are light green in colour and can be loose and fluffy with considerable heaviness. Its blooms have a spade form with olive-green leaves that curve around the plant and some bright orange pistils.

As a result of being unsettled by cooler temperatures throughout the growth phase, this strain will occasionally display shades of purple in its leaves. It will resemble a shrub if grown indoors, but it will tower above you if grown outdoors.

Translucent white trichomes blanket this plant on occasion, giving it a dewy lustre. The plants are also resistant to mites!

Flavor of Pitbull Strain

This strain has a lovely fruity flavour that tastes like pineapple on your tongue. This flavour remains even after you stop inhaling, leaving you wanting more. This aspect is definitely inherited from its parent strain, Sugar Plum, which has a particularly moreish flavour.

This bud also has various earthy tones, which come from its father P-91 and its grandmother Northern Lights, which is recognised for having an earthy flavour.

Aroma of Pitbull Strain

This lovely plant smells like tropical fruit with earthy and skunky undertones. It has the characteristic marijuana scent, but it also has a pineapple aroma and a lot of citrus ingredients. Attentive smokers will smell its flowery scent, such as lavender, which lends to this strain’s calming characteristic.


There is some debate regarding the cannabinoids in this bud. According to others, while the breeders say that this strain has a high THC level of 36%, testing laboratories have only determined the bud to be between 10% and 21%.

Other samples tested at 25% THC, thus it is still a reasonably high THC level, therefore caution should be exercised when eating to prevent ingesting too much in a short period of time. It has a very low CBD level, ranging between 0.2 and 0.5 percent.

Terpenes in Strain

Except for linalool, which contributes to the flowery aroma of this Pitbull strain, all of its terpenes are unknown. It is also responsible for the calm and sleepy sensations.

Side Effects of Pitbull Strain

This strain, like many others, can cause common side symptoms such as a dry, thirsty lips and dry eyes. Keeping water on hand is a great way to combat these negative effects.

Some people have also reported feeling dizzy and paranoid. It’s vital to remember that this strain has significant THC levels, thus smoking too much too fast might have negative consequences.

Medical Advantages of Pitbull Strain

This strain has been shown to be effective in treating mood disorders like as sadness, tension, and anxiety because when you smoke it, it penetrates into your brain, causing a wave of bliss.

There are also physiological advantages. It has a numbing effect that may aid with chronic pain, and chronic pain sufferers have been known to utilise this strain to combat such symptoms.

It has also been proven to benefit individuals suffering from insomnia, since the Indica effects help you fall asleep. It is also supposed to treat those suffering from nausea.

Information on Growing Pitbull Strain


This strain is intriguing because Stoney Girl Gardens does not sell seeds online. You can occasionally locate them in select stores, but their dependability is questionable.

As a consequence, if you want to grow them yourself, you can start with a few cuttings and create your own clone! This may be preferable because you won’t have to deal with any germination issues!

Flowering Period

This plant is recognised for its tenacity as a grower. Its robust genetics make it a rather sturdy alternative for growth, and it can withstand most growing challenges, allowing it to be grown both indoors and outdoors. It has a relatively short flowering duration of 6 to 7 weeks when cultivated indoors. They should be available by mid-September.

Yield of Strain

When cultivated correctly, this plant may provide a considerable high yield of 20 ounces or more.

Review of Pitbull Strain

This strain is best utilised in the evening since its Indica effects will make you tired and calm. However, its Sativa side can provide a euphoric head high that makes you feel cheerful.

One significant observation is that it is claimed to taste wonderful, which is certainly inherited from its parent Sugar Plum. It is ideal for usage with friends because it may make you laugh.

Some users have also experienced hallucinatory effects after consuming large amounts. If this is something you do not want to go through, it is advisable to take it gently. This strain will keep you confined to your sofa for hours, making it ideal for frigid winter days or lazy lounging Sundays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Pitbull strain an indica or a sativa strain?

The Pitbull strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with just 20% sativa genetics. Stoney Girl Gardens created this strain by crossing P91 and Sugar Plum in the early 2000s.

What kind of strain is black dog?

Humboldt Seed Organization’s Black D.O.G. is a mix of Blackberry Kush and Emerald Headband, two Northern California classics.

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