Primus Strain

Looking for a powerful Indica-dominant strain? Primus Strain is a large, happy Indica high that will make you feel uplifted and relaxed.

Primus Strain

This hybrid was created by the craft cannabis experts at Sweetwater Farms in Cheney, Washington, and has a pleasant, arboreal aroma and fragrance. It’s a sofa-sticker and mind-expander that’s ideal for anyone suffering from anxiety, discomfort, or simply wanting to rest and unwind after a long day.

History of the Primus Strain


Primus is a hybrid of 303 Kush and Arcata Trainwreck that is 70/30 Indica/Sativa. There are claims that Primus has a different genetic background, however this comes directly from the source breeders, and who else to ask than them?


This strain was conceived by Sweetwater Farms in Washington, a renowned organic cannabis farm where science and a pleasurable smoking experience intersect.

Their passion to the ideal nug has no boundaries, as they focus on every element of the process of growing great marijuana, from soil chemistry to slow-curing their collected flowers for the best final product possible.

Appearance of Primus Strain

Primus has a simple look, with light, airy nugs that are delightfully spherical in form. They have brilliant orange hairs and sticky, resinous drips on them. Primus has a homegrown artisan appeal, while not being as eye-catching in the bag as some other showier strains.

Flavor of Strain

As a real Washingtonian strain, you may anticipate Primus Strain to be woodsy, folksy, and earthy. You would be completely correct. Primus has resinous pine notes that combine with a deep, earthy undertone and an enclosing sweetness that’s intensely savoury, almost cheese-like.

This is a strain that speaks to the land and the forests with which it shares its habitat.

Aroma of Primus Strain

On the nose, Primus features notes of pine and musky soil, similar to the flavour. This is followed by a spicy, acidic edge that piques your curiosity when you open the bag and increases when broken up and pulverised.


Primus Strain is a THC-heavy strain, having an average THC content of approximately 27 percent, occasionally exceeding 30 percent. Primus contains almost minimal CBD, making it an excellent strain for THC enthusiasts.

Terpenes in Strain

The precise terpene composition of Primus is buried in obscurity, although it is clearly high in caryophyllene, with some myrcene thrown in for good measure.

Side Effects of Primus Strain

The most commonly reported adverse effects of Primus strain are dry mouth and eyes, with a small percentage of users reporting that smoking Primus makes them uneasy.

When trying a new strain, anxiety is always a potential, although it isn’t a generally reported issue. Just make sure you go at your own pace.

Medical Advantages

Primus Strain is a really uplifting strain that is excellent for treating sadness and anxiety. Primus is all about happiness, so if you’re feeling down, this is an excellent strain to try. It’s also an effective pain reliever, especially for joint pain caused by arthritis and other chronic illnesses.

Primus strain has a powerful sedative effect, making it useful for patients who suffer from sleeplessness. A good cigarette this late in the day should help you sleep well.

Information on Strain Growth

Primus Strain, unfortunately for the home gardener, is a tough beast. For starters, seeds and clones are not commercially accessible, which is a significant hurdle straight away.

You can clone it yourself if you can locate a buddy who can provide you a cutting, but it’s still a tough strain to produce with a poor yield. If you’re searching for a challenge, or if you just want to try and grow it, then go locate your Primus.

If you’re looking for a strain that produces abundantly and easily, this isn’t the one for you.


You cannot purchase seeds, therefore you’ll need to ask around for a cutting to use as a starting point.

Flowering Period

Primus blooms in seven or eight weeks.

Yield of Primus Strain

After all of the trouble of acquiring cuttings and meticulously cultivating Primus for harvest, you’re rewarded with a low-to-average yield. If you’re a big Primus fan with green thumbs, this could be worth your time, but this is a strain you’re better off purchasing completed.

Review of the Primus Strain

Primus is a THC-heavy strain, but it’s well-balanced and expresses itself in such a loving and welcoming manner that it’s suitable for everyone. If you’re not a seasoned THC user, you should proceed with cautiously, but Primus isn’t here to cause trouble. Primus’ intention is to bring you up and ease your ailments.

On first glance, Primus may not appear to be extremely intriguing to look at. In the bag, it appears to be a rather average bud, but closer inspection reveals the features that make it extremely attractive, the colourful hairs and dewy resin drips luring you in.

When you open the bag and take a deep inhale, you’ll be greeted with a perfume rich of arboreal notes, pine, and soil, which will immediately transport you to a new mental state.

When you break down and ground the bud, you receive an extra layer of sweet and sour aroma that alludes to the higher complexity of this strain’s flavour.

When you light up and take a hit, you’re releasing a flavour that’s delicate, nuanced, and delectable. Those woodsy outside characteristics are still present, with pine and dirt elevating and anchoring the taste, but there’s a nuanced sweet-savory flavour in the centre of the flavour profile that’s closest in comparison to cheese.

The entire result is creamy, rich, sophisticated, and simple to smoke, with all facets of the flavour in perfect proportion.

You will immediately have an overwhelming sense of calm and contentment. It pours in like sunshine through the trees in a woodland clearing, showering your thoughts in serenity and ecstasy.

Primus Strain is an excellent mood enhancer, and as your mood improves, you may feel an increase in creativity and abstract cognition, as if eliminating your anxieties allows the small thoughts that reside in the lowest depths of your brain to breathe and connect.

Primus is not an energetic strain, so you won’t be rushing to fetch a pen and paper while you experience this increase in happiness and creative connection. This is a strain that allows your mind to meander pleasantly rather than propelling you to spontaneous genius.

Primus will take your hand and walk you into this warm liminal place, and you will require sustenance (have snacks on hand), followed by comfort (be ready to relax, be it on the couch or in bed).

When you’re travelling with Primus, pillowy hibernation is the rule of the day. It’s not a total knockout, so you won’t be forced to your sofa by an invisible hand from above, but you could find yourself wondering why you should leave your nest.

With its massive, dazzling cloak of pleasure, it’s no surprise that Primus is frequently the strain of choice for persons suffering from anxiety, despair, and stress.

Primus Strain may break free from the constraints of these situations and allow your mind room to unwind, dismissing your anxieties and temporarily opening the window to a better vision. Primus’s highly soothing nature is beneficial as a sleep aid, so if you suffer from insomnia, it might be the guiding light you need to achieve a comfortable night.

Primus, like many Indica-dominant hybrids, is also an excellent pain reliever. Primus can be an excellent drug if you suffer chronic pain or acute pain after an accident or migraine.

The combination of its analgesic and mood-lifting qualities creates an ideal environment for healing. Mental freedom and happiness are critical for successful pain management, and Primus delivers the ideal combo to bring you there.

Primus Strain is also a potent anti-inflammatory, which can help with illnesses like arthritis.

Because of the peaceful, chilled-out character of a Primus high, this is a strain best ingested when the day comes to a close. It’s ideal for creating a peaceful ambiance when darkness falls, leading to an evening of relaxation and the arrival of a good night’s sleep.

Alternatively, if you have a clear day, you may spend some time basking in Primus’ golden light. Just don’t expect to get anything done, and enjoy your time away from reality. If you want to take life a bit slowly and more calmly for a time, this is the strain for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the primus OG strain?

Lineage. This complex hybrid is the result of a cross between three strains: Trainwreck, 303 OG, and Arcata. Each parent strain imparts something unique to Primus: 303 OG adds a sour yet fruity flavour, Trainwreck delivers long-lasting exhilaration, and Arcata adds a unique twist.

What exactly is a GMO strain?

GMO is an indica-dominant hybrid strain produced by crossing the well-known Girl Scout Cookies with the similarly well-known Chemdawg. Combining these two results in some heavy-hitting, monster skunk. GMO goes by multiple various names, which is perhaps appropriate for a strain with a strange history.

What does the term “OG” represent in strain names?

Original Gangsta

DNA Genetics, an Amsterdam-based cannabis retailer, takes responsibility for promoting the OG Kush strain. According to DNA Genetics, OG stands for “Original Gangsta,” a term popularised by Cypress Hill’s gang. According to legend, they found the OG Kush strain at a Grateful Dead concert in the 1990s.

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