Puck Yeah Strain

Cannabis has been bred and cross-bred so many times that it’s difficult to say where it all began. Fortunately, we can trace the ancestry of several hybrid strains out there, such as Puck Yeah.

This is useful for determining the type of high, as well as the side effects and advantages. To put it another way, when you go to the doctor, you nearly always get asked about your family’s medical history, right?

Puck Yeah Strain

Furthermore, we go through all of the many effects that Puck Yeah may provide. We also go over how to get started and what you need to know when cultivating this particular strain for the serious growers out there.

But newcomers don’t have to feel left out! Continue reading to learn what to anticipate while expecting… A marijuana joint created from the Puck Yeah strain Have you noticed what we did there?

History of the Puck Yeah Strain


Puck Yeah is an ecstatically called crossbreed of Super Skelly Hash and Northern Lights#1. As an indica dominant hybrid, it possesses a 70/30 indica/sativa ratio.

That is, this strain is particularly good at producing a body high, as do most indicas, as opposed to a sativa, which produces a head high.


If Puck Yeah doesn’t seem familiar, perhaps you’ve heard of Puck Hashplant.

Nobody knows who came up with the name Puck Yeah, but our assumption is that it was the dry-mouthed response to the question, “Who wants some darn fine kush?”

Appearance of the Strain

Puck is green, purple, orange, and brown. Yeah, it’s a rainbow of colours, if rainbows smelled like lovely skunk.

Unlike other strains, the pistils aren’t as visible along the christmas tree-shaped, deep green buds, but if you look closely, you can see their yellow hairs springing up with the white trichomes.

Flavor of Strain

If you’ve ever tasted diesel gasoline, you’ll have an idea as to what this strain tastes like; moreover, please consult a doctor. I’m concerned about you.

If not, the best way to describe it is as an earthy, sour flavour. This indicates that Puck Yeah has a kick that other strains don’t, and it may be too bitter for a newcomer.

Aroma of Strain

When you delve into a nug, you’re greeted with a strong earthy, diesel scent, similar to the flavour.

Surprisingly, combining the two produces a highly addicting and powerful scent. It may be a little overwhelming for newcomers; sorry, fellas, this is not your strain.


Puck Yeah, I could only be so excited about the fact that it’s one of the strongest strains available. It had to be since it was bred from the extremely uncommon Super Skelly Hash, which is likewise rich in THC.

THC concentration is typically about 22 percent, but can go as high as 25 percent.

CBD concentrations range from 0 to 2%.

Terpenes in Puck Yeah Strain

Terpenes are chemicals present in a variety of plants, including marijuana, that are responsible for its physiological effects as well as the delicious ganja fragrance.

Puck Yeah contains the terpene myrcene, which is found in the bulk of cannabis. But only at Puck Yeah can you find the terpenes limonene and caryophyllene.

They combine to provide the powerful, chemical earthy scent that is Puck Yeah.

Side Effects of Puck Yeah Strain

Along with the typical negative symptoms of cannabis, such as dry mouth and burning eyes, as well as the occasional munchies, Puck Yeah also has heightened sensory sensitivity.

It reminds me of the part in Twilight when Bella transforms into a vampire and gains enhanced senses of sight, sound, and scent. Except you won’t be a vampire; instead, you’ll be high.

As a result, some people have reported feeling anxious and nervous after coming into touch with this strain. It might be a bit intimidating unless you are informed of what is going to happen.

And, since this strain is so uncommon, many individuals are unaware of its effects and mistakenly believe it would leave them feeling calm and joyful, if not a bit creative.

Medical Advantages of Puck Yeah Strain

Cannabis is likely one of the most effective alternative medications available for a wide range of diseases. Remember that Puck Yeah is an extremely uncommon strain.

As a result, if you’re fortunate enough to have access to any, the following are some possible applications.

First and foremost, Puck Yeah is an excellent insomnia treatment. Because it is an indica dominating strain, you will get a body high.

Puck Yeah will relax your entire body to the point where you don’t want to/might be unable to move. Eventually, you’ll fall off to sleep.

Because of the chemical nature of the Puck Yeah strain, this is unique. This implies it’s probably not the greatest for staying concentrated, therefore folks with ADHD should look for another strain.

Because this indica dominated strain is so soothing, it’s also useful for treating anxiety, tension, PMS, and a lack of appetite.

In general, it’s excellent for treating most forms of chronic pain, particularly those caused by muscular spasms. This is due to the indica’s ability to relax the muscles.

Information on Growing Puck Yeah

If you want to start cultivating your own Puck hash plant, look no further; we have all the knowledge you’ll need right here. You’ll be green fingered and green lunged in no time if you have the correct licence and soil. Just make sure you don’t go green.

Seeds of Strain

Puck Yeah, as previously said, is extremely unusual. In fact, Super Skelly Hash, Puck Yeah’s parent plant, is extremely uncommon, making this hybrid extremely unique.

However, most reputable cannabis seed vendors carry the seeds. The issue is that they sell out rapidly and are rather pricey.

There are wish lists you can join to be alerted when it is back in stock. Just be sure to arrive quickly.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Puck Yeah has a blooming period that ranges from 48 to 61 days. It blooms throughout the photoperiod.

Photoperiod simply implies that it, like every other plant, is used to periods of darkness and light. One way around this is to practise indoor farming.

Yield of Puck Yeah Strain

Whether cultivated inside or outside, Puck Yeah, it’s not a huge hash plant and will usually stay under 30 inches tall. However, depending on the environment, the yield might be highly variable.

Puck Indoors, the output is roughly 1-2 ounces per square foot. Outdoor plants require 12-20 ounces per plant.

The exact quality of the kush has yet to be determined, depending on how it is cultivated. The controversy over indoor vs. outdoor farming has raged for years, and everyone has a different opinion.

Your conditions will determine how you cultivate your harvest. If you can afford it, keeping the plants indoors is definitely the safest option because it protects them from disease and mildew, which Puck Yeah is regrettably sensitive to.

However, indoor farming necessitates a significant amount of equipment and expenditure. So, before you make that decision, be sure you have the time and resources.

Review of Puck Yeah Strain

With a strain as uncommon as Puck Yeah, it’s only natural that it’ll provide a similarly unusual buzz. Starting in the head, you may feel the Puck Yeah’s elevating effects as soon as it enters your system.

That magnificent head high is more than enough to spark your imagination.

However, if you’re working, work fast because you only have a limited amount of time in that euphoric state until complete and utter relaxation hits you and you realise there’s nothing you’d rather be doing than stuffed your face and taking a good sleep afterwards.

Puck Yeah’s Final Thoughts

Puck Yeah, however uncommon, it is absolutely worth a shot. In fact, because it’s so rare, it’s worth a shot. Like skydiving, it’s one of those things you simply have to try.

There are a lot of parallels to be drawn between this and skydiving, particularly in terms of how euphoric the rush to the head can be and how it may leave your body feeling like it’s made of jelly.

However, because this strain is so relaxing and tranquil, it’s definitely preferable to consume it in the evening rather than throughout the day.

Once you have some, it’s only a matter of time before it’s all over. Because it contains roughly 25% THC, you know it’s potent. So it’s guaranteed to make you pucker.

With a strain like Puck Yeah you’ll want to have more.

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