Sugar Strain

The sugar strain is a cross between two strains. It is created by crossing a hash plant and a kandy kush plant with a northern lights strain. It is an indica-dominant plant, as opposed to a sativa-dominant one.

Indica-dominant plants tend to be more relaxing, and Sativa-dominant plants are more energising. Plants are classed as the same thing in scientific words.


This is due to the origin that they both come from the same plant. There are, nevertheless, some distinctions between them. They grow, blossom, and appear differently, and have a variety of conflicting negative effects.


The sugar strain is a cross between the kandy kush and hash plants. It possesses characteristics of both plants. Kandy kush is a hybrid plant with cross-bred origins. This is where the flowery scent and high trichome count of the sugar strain come from.

Though the hash plant has a larger trichome content, both of these origin plants are responsible for the sugar strain’s dazzling look. In fact, it is why it is known as the sugar strain. Kandy kush gives you a high, whereas hash gives you a stoned sensation.

The sugar strain’s prominent feature is undeniably stoned, with the high happiness from the kandy kush showing through. They work nicely together to produce a joyful slumber.

The sugar strain is occasionally crossed with the northern lights strain. Northern lights resembles sugar strain and kandy kush. It contributes to the cheerful feeling while also being wonderfully calming.

If the sugar strain is a cross-breed of the three kandy kush, hash, and northern lights strains, you’re in for a very soothing, reconnecting experience.


Sugar strains come from an origin of nations. It is considered to have started in Central Asia, India, and Afghanistan. Despite this, it is becoming a popular strain in the United States because to all of its positive attributes.

Appearance of Strain

The sugar strain resembles the kandy kush and northern lights plants when fully grown. It shines due to the high trichome concentration on the leaves.

Trichomes are little hairs that sprout on plants.

It features thick, cute blooms that bud close together in clusters and develops to a medium height. It’s a lighter shade of green.

Flavor of Strain

A variety of aromas combine to give the sugar strain its sweet taste. Along with its gleaming surface, there is a pleasant flavour beneath that comes through when utilised.

Other tastes that have been mentioned include a pine flavour. This plant provides an excellent combination of earthy and sweeter tastes. Hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and even candy can be found on the sweeter taste side.

Aroma of Strain

The sugar strain smells equally enticing because to its varied complimenting scents. It features floral, lemon, and cinnamon notes, as well as earthy aromas like pine and green waves.

Cannabinoids of various strains

Cannabinoids are just the scientific term for everything present in the plant. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of this strain ranges from 18 to 30%. This causes the psychoactive effect.

Overall, the strain’s moderate to low potency contributes to its overall soothing benefits. It has relatively low CBD levels. These amount to about 0.1 percent. CBD, often known as cannabidiol, is a component of the cannabis plant. It is widely recognised for its ability to alleviate pain, convulsions, and anxiety.

Terpenes in Strain

Terpenes that predominate include limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.

Limonene: Limonene is a citrus-derived terpene. Overall, it improves the taste and scent of the sugar strain.

Myrcene: Myrcene is a terpene with sedative properties. It contributes to the sugar strain’s calming properties.

Caryophyllene: This terpene aids in the relief of anxiety symptoms. It is a frequent component of drugs used to treat seizures and epilepsy.

Side Effects of Strain

The negative effects of sugar strain are numerous. In general, the effects will be felt in your eyes shortly after the first inhalation. This will have a calming, lowering effect.

Second, the influence will spread to your brain, causing you to feel utterly relaxed and even drowsy. After a short period of time, these negative effects will be felt across the entire body.

Because the sugar strain is so calming, it is generally best to use it at night. Or, to put it another way, don’t expect to be doing anything exciting afterward.

Anxiety is said to be reduced by the sugar strain. Unlike other strains, it has not been proved to create anxiety or worsen pre-existing anxiety. It produces the opposite effect, which is soothing and peaceful. It can even aid in the treatment of panic attacks and anxiety symptoms.

Medical Advantages

This sugar strain can help with the symptoms of a number of medical ailments. The following are some examples:


This includes panic episodes, anxiety disorders, and stress-related anxiety. It has extremely potent anti-anxiety components.


Glaucoma is a vision disorder. It affects the optic nerve and causes damage to the nerve that sends signals to the brain. Sugar strain aids in lowering intraocular pressure.


Anorexia is a type of eating disorder. Sugar strain is a natural appetite stimulant and relaxation that can assist the mind in overcoming mental barriers to eating.


Depression does not have a single definition. It is a generic phrase for a state of poor mood, lack of desire and energy, and loss of normal function.


Fatigue is tiredness caused by a lack of sleep. It is extremely difficult to overcome, much like insomnia. Sugar strain, as we’ve previously discovered, induces sleep.

Cannabis, particularly this sugar strain, has been shown repeatedly to interact favourably with the brain’s endocannabinoids. Simply said, they are all of the many chemical sections of the brain that govern how it functions.


Because of the strong terpenes, the sugar strain can aid with headaches and other pain treatment. Terpenes are employed in pain management therapy and function in the same way as the sugar strain.

Fibromyalgia/chronic pain:

Terpenes have a significant part in the sugar strain’s pain relieving properties. Not just via relaxing, but also through the components’ anti-inflammatory properties.


PTSD is a sort of trauma reaction in the brain that is caused by a single or ongoing traumatic previous incident. The sugar strain reduces anxiety in the brain and alleviates PTSD symptoms.

Bipolar Illness:

People suffering from bipolar illness may benefit from the Indica-dominant plant. The sugar strain, like depression, can target those endocannabinoids and interact with them in a good way to promote improved mood and mentality.

The soothing effect and pain relief are the two key aspects that have proven beneficial in combating symptoms of all of these disorders.

Sugar strain appears to be particularly effective for alleviating anxiety symptoms due to its powerful relaxing properties. Your anxieties will fade, as will your worry and anxiety.

Information on Growing the Strain

Sugar strain grows rather often. It may be grown both indoors and outdoors, however it produces more outside in a warmer climate.

It reaches a medium height, which is characteristic of Indica-dominant strains. Its blooms grow in dense clusters, with many trichomes that make it practically shine in the sun. It has a pleasant, almost flowery scent with hints of citrus and pine.

Don’t get discouraged if the sugar strain plant appears little. It remains a little plant until it blooms. It really takes off in terms of height when it begins to blossom. Although it is still smaller than Sativa dominating plants, it flowers exceptionally well.

Seeds of the Strain

This is a rather common strain. It is a popular choice because to its overwhelmingly good side effects. As a result, the seed is widely available. It is simple to cultivate and takes a reasonable period of time if properly cared for.

Flowering Period of the Strain

It will take 45-65 days to blossom from the start of the growth phase to the appearance of the flowers.

Indica-dominant plants blossom more quickly than Sativa-dominant ones.

Yield of Strain

400-600 g/m2 inside, 2500-3000 g outdoors

These are some typical numbers for what the sugar strain can produce.

Review of the Strain

Sugar strain is a powerful relaxant cannabis strain with a sweet taste and scent. It is well-known for its tremendous stress-relieving properties and may truly help you get a good night’s sleep.

In comparison to other strains, such as Sativa-based strains, you will not get the conventional “high.” Expect delightful sleepiness, waves of serenity, and a lovely aftertaste instead.

It is an excellent strain for treating pain symptoms such as chronic pain, headaches and migraines, and other forms of muscular discomfort.

It is quite simple to cultivate and takes an average of three months to mature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is sugar cookie strain?

Sugar Cookie is a marijuana hybrid strain created by crossing Crystal Gayle, Blue Hawaiian, and Sensi Star. Sugar Cookie has relaxing effects on the body and will finally put you to sleep. This strain has a flavour similar to tropical fruit and luscious, syrupy berries.

What kind of strain is sugarcane?

According to a study, Sugar Cane is a hybrid between Platinum Cookies and maybe Slurricane. Slurricane is the result of a mix between Dosidos and Purple Punch. Needless to say, this strain is delicious. This batch contains 17.42 percent THCa and 2.14 percent terpenes.

What kind of strain is tasty candy?

Delicious Candy, often known as Cheese Candy, was created by the Delicious Seeds team by crossing Cheese with the breeders’ unique Caramelo strain. Cheese Candy is said to have an unpleasant cheese smell blended with a sweet, flowery terpene palate.

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