3 Bears OG Strain

3 Bears OG is a particularly amazing marijuana strain from the renowned breeders Mephisto Genetics. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with 70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa with a THC content ranging from 16 to 24 percent.

It was developed as the foundation of Mephisto’s Artisanal Collection, with the goal of producing real OG Kush tastes and effects.

It has an exceptionally deep OG ancestry, with multiple OG strains participating in the breeding and cross-pollination process.

3 Bears OG Strain

The user is captivated by a remarkable fruity, sweet, and sour flavour, while the sweetness and tart lemon linger in the air after expiration. Its euphoric and soothing properties travel through the mind and body before the bud’s profound sedative and relaxing effects kick in.

Its buds are brilliant and multicoloured, with pistils in purple, mint green, black, and bright orange.

It’s stunning, and the icing on the cake is that it’s fully covered in a covering of sticky white trichomes. Its sweet and sour scent is strong and deep, effortlessly filling any place where the bud is ingested.

History of the Strain


To develop 3 Bears OG, Mephisto Genetics crossed Bear OG, Karma’s OG Cut, and Triangle Kush. Triangle Kush is a well-known strain that originated in Florida.

Its moniker alludes to Florida’s three “Cannabis Capitals”: Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Karma’s OG, which has won several prizes and cups, is largely regarded as the best strain to emerge from Karma Genetics.

 They took four years to breed by crossing three outstanding OGs: OG #17, Angels OG, Hells  and San Fernando Valley OG. OG #17 was crossed with Biker Kush to make Bear OG. This complex and diverse history has resulted in the development of an unique and potent breed brimming with OG genetics.


Mephisto Genetics in Spain developed 3 Bears OG as part of their Artisanal Collection. Mitch and Tim, two British men, developed Mephisto Genetics.

After establishing production facilities in their secluded Spanish mountainous setting, they released their debut album in May 2014.

They hybridised their Triangle Kush with two OG strains (Bear and Karma). The result is a compact,’mini’ OG plant that auto-flowers and retains the intense highs of its OG ancestors.

Appearance of Strain

3 Bears OG is a robust plant with large sugar leaves and several thick colas. Purple and black pistils, mint green pistils, and vivid orange pistils are entirely coated in sticky, crystal, resinous trichomes.

Flavor Strain

3 Bears OG boasts a deliciously funky OG flavour, as well as strong, luscious watermelon and sour lemon citrus. Sweet and sour flavours mingle with undertones of spice to produce a delectable smoke.

Aroma Strain

The scent of 3 Bears OG is strong, fruity, and earthy. The rich sweet watermelon and tart citrus notes that emerge and linger in the air compliment this.

Cannabinoids of various strains

The THC percentage of 3 Bears OG varies between 16 and 24 percent, with only minor amounts of CBD.

Terpenes in Strain

Myrcene is present in lemongrass and thyme, and it contributes earthy scents to the strain. It contains potent muscle relaxant and sedative properties, making it useful for persons suffering from insomnia or other sleeping problems.

Caryophyllene has cinnamon and clove scents, soothes anxiety and discomfort, and lowers cholesterol. It can help with osteoporosis prevention and seizure treatment.

Limonene possesses intense citrus scents of lemons and oranges, as well as antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

It has been shown to help people lose weight, prevent and cure cancer, and relieve bronchitis. It is also thought to boost serotonin production, which improves mood and mental condition.

Side Effects of Strain

Users have experienced severe symptoms of dry mouth after using this strain, so remain hydrated when using it. Dry, red eyes can be irritating, so keep them fresh with eye drops, a splash of cool water, or a walk outside in the fresh air.

Because some users experienced headaches and dizziness after excessive use, drinking and smoking in moderation may be more prudent the first time you try this strain. T

The sedative effects can persist until the morning, and some people have reported feeling bewildered and lethargic the morning after consuming it.

Keep this in mind if you want to consume it late at night or in the early hours of the morning. Prepare some snacks in case you have the cravings, which are likely to sneak up on you and strike you hard.

Medical Advantages

Many medicinal users have said that 3 Bears OG has helped them with insomnia and sleeping problems. Its main terpenes each provide a variety of medical advantages to the consumer.

The powerful and heavy sedative effects mix with the deep relaxation one experiences after eating to induce a hazy dream-like condition in the user. The painkilling qualities of the strain help persons suffering from migraines and other discomfort or chronic pain.

The anti-inflammatory characteristics help to lower the intensity of muscle spasms and relieve joint discomfort.

3 Bear OG, which generates a particularly powerful case of the munchies, can help people who are having difficulty eating or have lost their appetite.

The heightened and happy emotions that wash over its users after only a few tokes can help to reduce the affects of depression, tension, and anxiety.

Information on Growing the Strain

3 Bears OG may be cultivated outside, but only in warm, Mediterranean-like regions. Growing this strain inside or outdoors in a greenhouse is highly recommended.

Green-fingered lovers claim that the Sea of Green technique produces the greatest quality buds and yields. For those who are new with this strategy, it is intended to maximise production within a constrained growing environment.

It is accomplished by producing a high number of little plants in a short space rather than focusing on a few bigger ones. 3 Bears OG’s modest plant height lends itself very well to this approach, with plants reaching a maximum height of 2.5 feet.

As a result, they are suitable for growers who have limited room and access to larger growth setups. Because the plants are compact, dense, and thick, constant pruning is required.

Make sure the plant is equally pruned to allow ventilation, water, light, and nutrients to reach each blossom. 3 Bears OG is a tough, long-lasting plant that is resistant to disease and pests, but it is still vital to keep an eye out for any symptoms of illness or infection.
The thick and pungent perfume intensifies as the plant approaches flowering, therefore prudence and airflow management may be required depending on the location and size of the growing room.

Seeds of a Strain

The seeds are available from the developers at Mephisto Genetics, however only feminised seeds are accessible.

Flowering Period of the Strain

3 Bears OG is an autoflowering strain that takes 9 to 10 weeks to finish flowering.

Yield of Strain

Users may anticipate to harvest up to 3 ounces per plant while cultivating this strain. Growing a group together using a technique like Sea of Green might result in a yield of up to 15 ounces every square metre.

Review of Strain

It took trial and error for Goldilocks to discover the appropriate chair to sit in, porridge to eat, and bed to sleep in when she visited the three bears’ house.

Thankfully, our friends and heroes at Mephisto Genetics have done the hard work of identifying the right OG strain for us.

3 Bears OG was built with meticulous precision, time, and care. Because of its tremendously deep and rich heritage, it has a thick, strong, and robust character while growing and smoking.

Its vibrant hues of purple, black, mint green, and orange are enhanced by an almost unbelievable thick covering of milky white trichomes.

The sugar leaves of this plant are a sight to behold, almost as if snow has fallen on the plant. The strong smoking of 3 Bears OG is an amazing experience, with sweet and sour sensations dancing on the tongue alongside the classic OG undertones.

On exhalation, the sweet stickiness and acidic lemon citrus will flood the room, creating a profoundly engaging sensation.

Its potent terpene composition combines subtle and robust scents with a wide range of therapeutic effects. It is equally beneficial for individuals experiencing physical pain as it is for those with mental barriers or mood issues.

The strain is very beneficial to persons suffering from insomnia and other sleeping problems. Its first buzzing thrill will be swiftly followed by heavy eyelids, relaxed muscles, and a desire to go asleep.

Those with eating issues have observed how successfully this relights the fire in their belly and helps them to eat again, while also combatting nausea that can occur after not eating regularly for an extended period of time.

3 Bears OG is a cosmic strain that is popular among both recreational and medical users, and it is sure to relieve stress in both the mind and the body.

When you smoke this, your porridge will taste just perfect, your chair will be a relaxing refuge, and your bed will be a safe haven for you to drop off into a foggy slumber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What strain is Bear OG?

This is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing OG #17 with Biker Kush.

What is AAA OG?

The scent of AAA OG, an indica-dominant hybrid, is fruity/citrusy. Patients have experienced improved sleep, pain reduction, and an overall sense of well-being. AAA OG might be a good option for nighttime usage.

Which runtz strain is the most powerful?

Runtz has several phenotypes, but the most potent is White Runtz, which has a THC concentration of over 30%.

What exactly is the Fozzie strain?

Fozzie’s flavour profile is sweet and dessert-like, with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and candy. Fozzie’s appearance comprises of icy green buds with purple tips. This strain produces strong, all-over effects that are heightened by a burst of mental activity and a carefree frame of mind.

Why is Jenny Kush so effective?

Jenny Kush, a cross between Amnesia Haze and Reach’s Rare Dankness #2, has traditional Amsterdam aromas and effects, including sweet notes of gas, tropical fruit, and bubble gum, as well as a strong, stress-melting high.

What kind of strain is Bahama Mama?

This strain contains medium-sized forest green and deep purple nugs with a distinct stink and citrus fragrance. Bahama Mama has trichomes galore and a great frosty structure, making it ideal for bliss and creativity.

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