White Shark Strain, a Super Potent Indica

Do you know how this cannabis strain earned its name?

The Green House decided to produce this Sativa-dominant strain of cannabis to honour one of the most dangerous monsters in the ocean, the Great White Shark, which resides in a variety of our world’s oceans and presents a significant threat to humanity.

Despite the fact that the White Shark strain isn’t going to be as potent as the fearsome shark after which it was named, it shouldn’t be underestimated because it is a well-known and extremely potent strain of cannabis.


As a result, while it may not be the ideal choice for someone just starting out, it will be an excellent choice for an experienced user who can tolerate the high quantities of THC present.

To summarise, White Shark is a primarily Sativa-leaning hybrid strain that combines two separate Sativas from South America and South India, as well as the perennial favourite Super Skunk.

White Shark, sometimes known as Great White Shark, was one of the most popular forms of hybrid cannabis in the 1990s, winning an award in 1997.

Today, the White Shark is on the upswing and has begun to become more widely available as it regains some of its previous prominence.


White Shark is a potent Sativa-dominant cannabis strain developed by The Green House. It is a hybrid of two Sativa strains from Brazil and India, as well as the famous strain Super Skunk.

THC levels in White Shark are reported to be relatively high, however amounts might fluctuate from harvest to harvest.


As we just said above, White Shark was first launched by breeder The Green House somewhere in the 1990s, and it was an instant hit.

It mixes components of two Sativa strains from South America and South India, as well as an Indica-dominant strain you may have tasted before — Super Skunk.

White Shark was given a variety of various titles (including Great White Shark and Peacemaker) and garnered a variety of prizes during its early heyday in the 1990s.

Appearance of Strain

This Sativa-hybrid stands out among other cannabis strains because to its distinctively spherical buds that are covered with eye-catching calyxes that are smooth and fluffy to the touch.

What about the pistils? They’re brilliant and eye-catching, with rich golden orange and deep crimson hues that are at their best when harvested.

Flavor Strain

White Shark has a wonderfully moreish skunk flavour that is accentuated by delicate notes of cool lavender, zesty orange, and a fascinating trace of clove, making it a crowd-pleasing flavour that is sure to be a success with newbies and seasoned cannabis users alike.

What about the aftertaste?

No need to worry about a bitter aftertaste with White Shark, as the earthy and woody flavours in the smoke leave a wonderfully moreish tangy sweetness that will leave you wanting more. White Shark’s smoke is also smooth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Aroma of the Strain

If you like to smoke privily, the White Shark may not be the ideal solution for you!

This is due to the fact that White Shark is an exceptionally fragrant cannabis strain with an extremely powerful citrus scent complemented by pleasant notes of lavender, clove, and even a hint of pine.

Not only that, but the citrusy-woodsy perfume will be amplified anytime you peel out a nug, so keep that in mind if you don’t want anybody to know.

Cannabinoids of various strains

White Shark typically has the following cannabinoid levels:

THC content: 12-21%

CBD content: -0.2%.

As a side note, because the quantities of THC in White Shark may sometimes fluctuate, it’s a good idea to do your homework before getting any, especially if you don’t have an extremely strong THC tolerance and don’t want to suffer an unpleasant high.

Terpenes in Strain

Myrcene is the most prevalent terpene identified in White Shark, however pinene and caryophyllene are also present. This helps to explain White Shark’s delectably sweet and fruity aroma.

Side Effects of Strain

As with all other cannabis strains, there are a number of adverse effects to be aware of before trying it for yourself. White Shark, in particular, is renowned for having (on average) a very high quantity of THC present inside its composition, thus if you decide to try it, you may suffer dry mouth, itchy eyes, nausea, and perhaps even disorientation.

It should also be mentioned that the high THC content of White Shark may cause feelings of anxiety and fear. As a result, we do not advocate taking this strain if you are inexperienced with cannabis.

Nevertheless, if you want to try it and don’t have an abnormally strong sensitivity to THC, we suggest that you try a yield of White Shark with a lower amount of THC (some of the lowest levels we’ve seen are 12 percent) and that you do it in a safe atmosphere with people you trust.

Additionally, you should keep water available because this strain may lead you to become thirsty.

Medical Advantages

White Shark, believe it or not, is one of the most regularly utilised marijuana strains in the medical field, offering a number of medical advantages.

These include the capacity to relieve stress generated by everyday living and to boost emotions of overall happiness and wellness in people who suffer from depression.

White Shark is also an excellent cannabis strain for treating all sorts of chronic pain, and is widely used to treat headaches, muscular pains, joint stiffness/arthritis, and even muscle spasms.

Information on Growing the Strain

White Shark thrives in a controlled, indoor environment, such as a hydroponic growing system.

It’s a hungry plant that needs a lot of nutrients to flourish, and if given the right circumstances, it will thrive and produce a lot of fruit towards the conclusion of its flowering cycle, which lasts between 8 and 10 weeks.

White Shark is usually ready to be selected and utilised around the middle to end of October.

Seeds of the Strain

If you have any White Shark seeds and want to try growing them yourself, we highly advise you to do so in an indoor setting, as White Shark seeds do not fair well in an open environment.

However, if you want to grow your White Shark seeds outside, you must ensure that they receive all of the nutrients they require to blossom, as White Shark seeds are notorious for demanding a lot of nutrients on a constant basis during the blooming process.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Flowering period for White Shark seeds is about 8-10 weeks.

Strain Yield

If your White Shark plants are cultivated in perfect indoor circumstances, then you can anticipate to enjoy a rich harvest of roughly 35-37 ounces per plant! This is really remarkable, and one of the biggest yield-abilities of any strains of cannabis out there.


There’s no doubting that White Shark is a fantastic cannabis strain that can be utilised for both recreational and medicinal uses.

When used appropriately, White Shark has the ability to generate sensations of relaxation and enjoyment, as well as sentiments of optimism that stay all day.

Aside from being wonderful for lighting up and enjoying at the end of a long, stressful day at the office, White Shark is also an excellent medical marijuana that can be used to treat a range of health issues.

Nonetheless, White Shark is a highly robust cannabis strain that has the potential to be overpowering or unpleasant – especially at the start of its high. As a result, we don’t advocate taking White Shark if you’re just getting started.

In conclusion? It’s one of the greatest cannabis strains for both recreational and therapeutic purposes.

However, if you’re a first-time user, we advocate not diving in too quickly (excuse the pun) and instead concentrate on developing your THC tolerance before trying White Shark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is White Shark an indica or a sativa strain?

Great White Shark cannabis is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing a South Indian Sativa, a South American Sativa, and Super Skunk. Peacemaker, sometimes known as White Shark, was a popular strain in the 1990s.

Is the White Shark an indica?

White Shark is a Sativa dominant hybrid that beautifully balances the indica/sativa effect. Ride the waves with this strain’s earthy, citrusy-sweet terpene profile, rich flowers with subtle golden undertones, and a clear head.

What strain does Snoop Dogg?

It is regarded as potentially having Lemon OG and Sour Diesel genetics, comparable to OG Kush, which is claimed to possess the same sour, earthy taste profile and heavy diesel fragrance. Snoop Dogg OG nugs have been characterised as having a mint green tint, speckled with glittering trichomes and wispy russet stigma hairs.

What is the world’s most potent strain?

Chemdawg, commonly known as Chemdog, is a popular and pungent strain that has rapidly become a household favourite. It’s a mix of Sour Diesel and OG Kush with a whopping 28.2 percent THC and is unquestionably one of the strongest strains on the globe.

What strain is Megalodon?

Megalodon is a strange shark strain said to be a cross between White Widow, Snow White, and the Great White Shark strain. The Megalodon strain’s most commonly reported scents include grass, skunk, and peppery incense. Herbs, skunk, and spice are claimed to be its tastes.

What exactly is a peanut butter breath strain?

Peanut Butter Breath, commonly known as “Peanut Breath” and “Peanut Butter” is a sedating hybrid marijuana strain. Peanut Butter Breath, when crossed with Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath, has a distinct nutty and earthy terpene profile when smoked.

Is Shark Bite an indica or a sativa strain?

Shark Bite is an indica-dominant hybrid bred from the genetics of Great White Shark and Face Off OG. According to Archive, the strain is ideal for novice cultivators since it is a small, strong plant that produces huge, resinous colas in just 65 days. Yields are typically of ordinary size. It grows nicely both indoors and outside.

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