Willie’s Reserve Strain

Willie’s reserve strain, also known as Willie Nelson, is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an emphasis on inducing creativity and relaxation. This strain is named after one of the most renowned country musicians in the world.

The strain, developed in collaboration with Reefman Seeds and the legend himself, is a hybrid between two landraces. In the sativa category, the strain won the 2005 High Time Cannabis Cup.

Willie's Reserve Strain

The bud has grown in popularity because to its incredible high, which is both uplifting and aesthetically inspired. Give this weed a go if you want to write like Willie.

History of Willie’s Reserve Strain


This plant’s genetics are direct from Asia, which is unusual yet consistent with the genetic origin of the sativas we know today.

The plant is a cross between Nepalese and South Asian Sativa.

Willie’s Reserve genetics are utilised to create additional entertaining strains like as Sour Willie and West Coast Willie, which are well worth trying if you stumble across them in your local head store.


The beginnings of this strain are clean and innocent, coming directly from the red-headed stranger himself. Willie’s stash, which he travelled from city to city, was what he called ‘your stash,’ essentially the cannabis version of’mi casa, su casa.’

Willie always comes to his performances to smoke his own stash alongside the marijuana aficionados that follow him around the world.

Willie’s reserve is an attempt to bring this sharing and caring mindset to the rest of the world. Willie’s stash inspired the strain. Willie’s goal is for a cannabis-free world, and he is one of the most ardent champions of the American cannabis revolution.

Willie is personally involved in the production and branding of this strain, and he sees it as a symbol of his commitment to the cause.

Appearance of Willie’s Reserve Strain

The strain has the sour apple green colour we’ve come to anticipate from a sativa plant. When fresh, the leaves and buds are thick and often sticky, and the resin is undeniably potent in this strain.

The amber hairs stand out against the light green leaves, making the buds stand out and signalling the quality of their growth. The golden hairs tell us that this strain is the Red Headed Stranger.

Flavor of Strain

The strain has the acidic flavour that we associate with sativa-dominant plants. The Asian genes in the plant give the sativa a sweet, earthy or woody taste that is common in many Asian strains and is most noticeable when you exhale.

On the inhale, there are a lot of piney and lemony overtones, which are typical of sativa strains.

Aroma of Willie’s Reserve Strain

Willie’s Reserve contains the typical fragrances of sativa dominant plants.

Expect lemony, sour scents from the plant’s terpenes. The aroma is as energising as the benefits. The fragrance is powerful, so don’t take this one ‘on the road,’ as Willie did.


Willie’s Reserve is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain; the genetics are around 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica, but this is a numbers game that varies greatly depending on your grow and seed scenario.

Just keep marijuana mind that the strain is sativa dominant because it concentrates on sativa benefits. The THC percentage of the bud isn’t stratospheric by any means, but it may surely entice frequent users.

The plant is said to have a THC level of 16-18%, making it an ideal medium for sessionable smoking.

Terpenes in Strain

Terpinolene is the major terpene in Willie’s Reserve. Terpinolene is responsible for the strain’s lemony and herbal aromas.

Terpenes, in general, are responsible for marijuana’s unique flavour and fragrances. Terpinolene is found in many different plants, including lilacs and herbs, as well as nutmeg and cumin.

Terpenes also contain anticancer and antioxidant effects, as well as antibacterial and antifungal characteristics.

Side Effects of Willie’s Reserve Strain

Many users will experience common marijuana side effects, which are not necessarily particular to this strain. These frequent illnesses include cottonmouth, dry eyes, anxiousness, and hot flushes.

When marijuana is dosed inappropriately, especially sativa dominant strains, it can throw some beginner users into a frenzy, resulting in anxiety attacks.

We recommend smoking a joint with a pal, just like Willie, to keep the dose bearable for first-time stoners. If you’re not a frequent smoker, this strain may turn you into “half a man.”

Medical Advantages

Willie, who is 89 years old, can still scream it out at over 100 gigs each year, proving marijuana’s medical value. Willie, on the other hand, realises that the cannabis revolution is partially owing to marijuana’s medical properties.

Many users claim that the strain is beneficial for anxiety and depression, citing marijuana’s uplifting and mood-altering properties as a fantastic diversion and something that helps them comprehend how they feel in unique and creative ways.

The sativa, as a sativa dominant strain, is wonderful for generating creativity, which appears to be one of Willie’s favourite features of the plant.

Information on Willie’s Reserve Strain Growth

To begin, anyone interested in growing Willie’s reserve should be cautious and knowledgeable about the plant’s height. Because this plant may grow rather tall, many indoor growers recommend ‘topping’ it.

This is accomplished by cutting the main stem at a 45-degree angle; this will stimulate the plants to spread outwards and develop a split stem as opposed to merely growing higher.

You won’t have to be concerned about the plant’s height if you cultivate it outside.


The majority of Willie’s Reserve seeds are feminised and widely available to the general population. Willie’s Reserve is cultivated in Washington on a special agricultural unit, which you are welcome to visit if you so desire.

You can bet Willie has some sprouting on his ranch as well. Our aim is to accept Willie’s right and start asking local weed producers for seeds; they might have some WIllie’s Reserve that you can start producing yourself.

Willie does not defend these seeds since he recognises that individuals who can grow the plant will have a portion of Willie’s cache for the rest of their lives and may share it with their friends and strangers across the huge land of America.

Flowering Period

Willie’s Reserve, like its namesake, takes its time blooming. Expect at least 10-12 weeks of indoor flowering time. If planted at the beginning of the season, your plant should begin flowering around November.

Yield of Willie’s Reserve Strain

Your patience, however, should be rewarded with a rather excellent yield for a sativa, which often generates less yield than its indica sibling. Indoor grows should yield around 18 ounces per square metre.

Because the plant grows so tall, you should be able to obtain roughly 22 ounces off of one plant, yee hoo!

Growers of Willie’s Reserve should easily be able to produce enough to have a cache similar to WIllie’s that you can share with friends and strangers alike; who knows who you could meet, perhaps even Willie himself.

Using the sea of green or screen of green approaches to maximise your production is quite beneficial. Pruning the higher leaves so that they don’t obstruct the light for the lower down buds is another helpful technique.

Because the plant is so tall, keep an eye on which leaves are obstructing direct sunlight.

Sunlight and temperature are critical factors in maximising production. Willie’s Reserve like to thrive in warm, sunny conditions.

Consider that the plant’s genetic parents are Asian landraces, so it will thrive in the sun and warm temperatures. You want to mimic this climate as much as possible when growing indoors.

Review of Willie’s Reserve Strain

Willie’s Reserve is a near-classic that sprang from the first marijuana revolution, which saw bud legalised for medical use in places such as California, and then for recreational use in Colorado and Washington in 2012.

This strain won the 2005 High Times Cup, which is no small accomplishment, so don’t take our word for it.

What we like best about his strain is that Willie designed it to share his passion for marijuana and to contribute to the ever-expanding cannabis community.

Supporting WIllie’s cannabis business appears to assist encourage proper cultivation techniques and, eventually, the stoner giving and sharing culture.

As far as sativas go, this is a fairly good one; it provides a really amazing high that is creative and allows you enter mental processes that you may not have if you were sober. Willie’s Reserve may be beneficial if you are experiencing writer’s block or simply wish to look at a topic from a fresh perspective.

An older man like Willie would appreciate the uplifting sativa high that will make them cheerful and feel alive rather than simply falling asleep on the kush.

This might be the strain for you if you need some mental rewiring to get back on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What strain is Willies Reserve?

Willie’s Reservation: Ready-to-roll joints and packaged flowers come in a range of strains. The first product portfolio includes Blue City Diesel, Legend OG, Kimbo Kush, Razzleberry, Obama Kush, and Cherry Cream Pie.

Is Willie’s reserve adequate?

Willie’s Reserve Vape Cart provides excellent taste and effects!

The terpenes and cannabinoids are indicated on the packaging, and the high Myrcene level of 20.9 mg/g is rather impressive. That’s very high based on what I’ve seen in other carts. I enjoy strong Myrcene strains. Citrus contains limonene.

Where is Willie’s reserve grown?

Each strain is grown in small amounts on independent farms in Northern California’s top cannabis growing zone, utilising only organic inputs and in full sun.

Which states are selling Willie’s reserve?

Nelson launched locations in Washington, Colorado, and Washington in 2016. Willie’s Reserve quickly became available on dispensary shelves in Oregon and Las Vegas. Willie Nelson’s cannabis goods go beyond the folk singer’s distinctive marijuana strains.

What is the brand of CBD oil that Willie Nelson uses?

WILLIE’S REMEDYTM Hemp-Oil Tincture is prepared from full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract sourced from independent farmers in the United States.

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