Wookie Strain

Wookies are notably hairy animals from the Star Wars universe, hailing from the planet Kashyyyk, the most renowned of which being Chewbacca. Chewbacca was the Millennium Falcon’s co-pilot, alongside the incomparably calm Han Solo. Today we’ll be discussing the Wookie strain, a strain as powerful as Chewbacca himself and certain to send you flying into space!

It’s also called Chewbacca Cookies,  Cookie Wookie, Chewbacca strain, Purple Wookie Strain, Cocoon Cookie,  Girl Scout Wookies, Purple Wookie,  tk91 strain,  Wookie Kush and Dirty Wookie.

Wookie Strain

The Wookie strain is a true ‘dankenstein,’ which means it’s a cross between a few other dank strains. In actuality, it’s an indica-dominant hybrid that tastes great and is really strong.

This is due to its parent strains, which we’ll discuss in further detail below, but it does come from the genetic line of Cookies, which, if you’ve had it before, you know how wonderful they are!

However, when combined with some crystal trichomes, this strain really takes off, especially when broken up and vaped with a flower vaporizer.

History of the Strain


The ratio of 65 percent Indica to 35 percent Sativa makes this strain an Indica-dominant hybrid. Wookie is a marijuana strain that is a cross between Chemdawg 91, Girl Scout Cookies, and The White.

You’ll feel ecstatic after a dose of Wookie, and while it does relax you, it’s also supposed to promote creativity.

This strain provides all of the mental benefits of Sativa while also relaxing you in the way that an Indica-dominant strain should. Wookie, on the other hand, is not for the faint of heart, and only those with considerable experience should try it.

It’s also a clone-only strain that’s difficult to come by. If you are fortunate enough to obtain it, you are in for a delectable and powerful treat. The high terpene profile will make you high, but the Indica dominance will leave you with one foot on Earth.


This is a bit of a mystery, however Tierra Rojo has previously claimed credit for this strain. But whomever constructed this hybrid certainly understood what they were doing.

Combining the power of Chemdawg 91 with the flavour of Girl Scout Cookies and The White’s trichome production was a brilliant idea! And it’s no mean achievement.

The fact that this is a clone-only strain with few to no (real) seeds adds to the attractiveness of this strain but also makes it more pricey.

Appearance of Strain

Wookie is a light green strain with resinous, sticky buds. These buds are also quite hefty, with a few grammes going a long way. Good news for your bank account!

Flavor of Strain

Wookie tastes finest when finely powdered, and it’s well worth investing in a vaporizer that can handle cannabis flowers.

This is due to the fact that the mild tastes of Wookie are lost when smoked, however when vaped, you can properly experience the taste that is both robust and sweet, with a minty and sage flavour.

Aroma of Wookie Strain

Wookie has a very unique aroma that combines citrus, pine, and even gasoline. If you have a keen sense of smell, you could notice a hint of licorice as well.


0.23 – 0.86 percent CBC
CBD concentrations range from 0.36 to 0.69 percent.
0.16 – 1.02 percent CBG
0.39 – 0.17 percent CBN
THC content ranges from 21.67 to 24 percent.
0.15 – 0.64 percent THCV

Terpenes in Wookie Strain

0.04 percent bisabolol
0.23 percent caryophyllene
0.07 percent humulene
0.14 percent limonene
0.08 percent linalool
0.23 percent myrcene
0.08 percent phenylandrene
0.13 percent pinene
0.01 percent terpinolene
Terpene content in total: 1.01 percent

Wookie strain has a high THC concentration when compared to other Indica-dominant strains. THC levels in Indica-dominant hybrid strains are typically about 13 percent, whereas Wookie is approximately 18 percent.

However, the most powerful genotypes with the most diverse terpene profile contain roughly 25% THC. A really powerful strain! After smoking it, you may become trapped in a couch lock, but don’t worry. There are a few options for breaking free!

Side Effects of Wookie Strain

The most typical adverse effect of Wookie, as mentioned above, is couch lock. Because of how calm it may make you feel, we recommend Wookie after you get home from work or before going to bed.

If you attempt Wookie first thing in the morning, you might not get anything done! But if you can, get off the couch and drink some strong black coffee, take a cold bath, or push yourself to go outside and exercise.

Cottonmouth is another prevalent adverse effect of Wookie, in addition to feeling sluggish. Cottonmouth is slang for the medical word xerostomia, which is a mild adverse effect of marijuana.

It’s not serious, but it gives you a sticky mouth and makes you thirsty. Of course, if you become dehydrated, the situation becomes more serious, so drink plenty of water!

Cottonmouth, once thought to be an irritation of the mouth’s membranes, is now thought to be your saliva glands’ response to cannabis entering your circulation.

Some people feel that vaping or eating edibles will help them prevent cottonmouth, however this is not the case. Cottonmouth is still a concern no matter how you consume cannabis.

It is not advised to smoke marijuana without first having anything to drink. Cottonmouth can also extend to your neck, and if you wait too long to cure it, you may have poor breath or a painful throat.

Medical Advantages of Wookie Strain

Wookie is reported to provide a multitude of medicinal advantages due to its potency, particularly for individuals suffering from sleeplessness. This is due to how drowsy and tired Wookie may make you feel.

You’ll have trouble keeping your eyes open! It is also known to boost the spirits of individuals who are depressed and to soothe those who are worried. Because it is such an effective strain, it can also aid with inflammation and pain alleviation.

Information on Growing Wookie Strain

Seeds of a Strain

Wookie strain seeds are not available since it is a close-only strain. Those who do locate seeds for this strain should be experienced cannabis growers, as you will not enjoy the full benefits of the strain if produced poorly.

Wookie grows tall and casts shadow on the rest of the plant because it is an Indica-dominant strain. It is advised to top the plant as soon as possible.

Flowering Period of the Strain

Always be sceptical of anyone claiming to have Wookie seeds for sale online, since they are unlikely to be genuine. If you are successful in growing this strain, it will blossom in 7-10 weeks.

However, in order for Wookie to be as strong as possible and to provide the finest flavour, it should be allowed to blossom for 10 weeks. Once gathered, it must be completely dried and cured.

Yield of Strain

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on Wookie, you’ll be rewarded with a moderate to high yield. However, just as novices should be weary about smoking Wookie, if you’re new to growing, it may be advisable to get some more expertise before attempting to cultivate this strain.

Review of Wookie Strain

Despite being a powerful indica-dominant hybrid, Wookie is a well-balanced marijuana strain. This strain’s sativa component provides a cerebral high, while the indica component might help you mellow down and relax.

Unfortunately, finding a few grammes is difficult due to the fact that it is clone-only. Wookie is also referred to as  Dirty Wookie, Chewbacca Cookies, Purple Wookie, and TK91.

Wookie is best savoured in the evening, as a way to unwind at the end of the day or to send you to sleep. You may use it on a leisurely day when you have no plans because the couch lock it might produce makes sticking to any plans difficult!

Wookie fans report a boost in their mood that relaxes them and makes them feel serene. With the initial high, you’ll experience exhilaration before becoming utterly relaxed.

Wookie will give you the munchies, and you’ll soon be needing a food.

Last Thoughts

It’s simple to understand why Wookie is a dankenstein. It’s a premium cannabis strain that’s a cross between some classic strains. All of this results in a cannabis strain with a terrific fragrance and an even better flavour.

Wookie fans laud it for its capacity to create euphoria and treat sleeplessness better than most standard medications.

Wookie, on the other hand, is extremely rare and difficult to obtain — and grow! However, if you are able to obtain a Wookie clone, it would take a lot of know-how and THC to achieve its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wookie a sativa or an indica strain?

The Wookies strain of marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid. However, because it is a well-balanced marijuana strain, you will benefit from the intellectual advantages of sativas as well as the relaxation supplied by the indica component.

Is Wookie Girl an indica or a sativa strain?


The fragrances and effects of Wookie Girl will linger. Traditional cookie Because of its Indica ancestry, this strain sedates while also uplifting individuals. Purple undertones, a thick layer of trichomes, and rusty hairs characterise the dense black blooms.

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