Cannabis Unions

United Cannabis Workers (UCW) was an organization that unionized as an independent workers union made up of small business owners, self-employed workers, and workers of small businesses. UCW was committed to increasing the benefits of all workers in the industry by helping cannabis workers elevate their benefits to the level of other comparable industries.

The creator Scot Bennett, a Los Angeles resident, was interviewed by NBC and stated that he's not a fan of old school union tactics and would never ask UCW's members to strike or confront their bosses head-on. “I’m not trying to create conflict. I’m trying to resolve issues. I’m trying to connect people.”

The UCW created an Independent Workers Branch that was designed for everyone working in the industry which was well suited for anyone that doesn't want the imposition of union rules regarding their employees. The branch stated the following:

We Don’t:

  •  Engage in the Growing, Processing, Transport or Distribution of Marijuana
  •  Provide Medical Marijuana Recommendations
  •  Require Membership by Anyone
  •  Set Prevailing Wages in the Industry
  •  Engage in Collective Bargaining Between Employees and Employers
  •  Initiate Labor Strikes
  •  Involve ourselves in disputes between employees and employers
  •  Tell employers how to run their business
  •  Control the distribution of labor to available jobs

We Do:  

  • Provide Access to Group Benefits including health insurance and our National Pension Fund
  • Provide Assistance to Small Businesses in streamlining the operation of their business
  • Provide Legal Compliance and Other Legal Assistance
  • Provide Discounts to Members Through Partnerships with Businesses
  • Engage in Politics/Lobbying as it Relates to People Working in the Industry and their right to engage in free trade and to have access to equal benefits

 Who Can Join?

 Anyone working legally in the Cannabis-Marijuana-Hemp Industry including:
  • People Working in Medical Applications:  Growers, Collectives, Processing Workers (concentrates, edibles), doctors, doctor’s staff, delivery drivers, dispensary workers 
  • People working in Industrial Applications: Growers, processors, Fuel, Textile, Paper, Lighting and Hydroponics Manufacturing, smoking accessories manufacturing and sales,
  • People who work in Publishing online or in print (such as the Hemp News, High Times Magazine)
  • People who work in Politics advocating marijuana reform
  • People who work in the Non-Profit Sector advocating marijuana reform
  • People who work in supporting industries specific to marijuana (web design in the industry, law firms, etc.)
 Additionally, we do not limit ourselves to just the employees of a business.  We offer membership to:
  • Business Owners
  • Individual Employees
  • Officers/Directors of Corporations/LLC’s
  • Self Employed
  • Unemployed (Between Jobs)
  • People Interested in Getting Started


As more states legalize cannabis and the industry expands, unions will represent a larger role and we'll review more past and present unions on this site. Thank you.